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December 17, 2013

A dawn of development at Plassey, thanks to Mamata Banerjee

A dawn of development at Plassey, thanks to Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on her district tour to Nadia and Murshidabad addressed a public meeting at Panighata Umadas High School Complex at Plassey, Nadia. She announced a slew of developmental projects for both the districts at the venue and inaugurated a series of schemes that are to be taken up by the Government.

The Chief Minister headed for Rejinagar in Murshidabad for an administrative meeting with the district officials. She will hold another administrative meeting with the district official of Nadia at Krishnanagar tomorrow.

Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s speech:

Plassey is a historical place. Here Bengal lost her freedom. We have read about Siraj-ud-Daulah, Mirzafar, Mir Kasim and Jagat Seth in our history books. I have visited Nadia and Murshidabad a number of times. In spite of that I feel proud that I could come here today. I welcome you all.

Once upon a time the sun of India's freedom set in Plassey. Today, development is witnessing a new dawn here. There will be a flood of developmental work in these two districts. It will be a record. Today we have distributed pattas for Nijo Griha, Nijo Bhumi scheme, agricultural lands, grants for Yuvashree and Kanyashree schemes. We have given Artisans Credit Card, power tillers, Samajik Mukti Card, loans to SHG and many others.

IT hubs are being set up here; an industrial park is coming up in Rejinagar, ITIs are being set up at block level; we are also developing polytechnic colleges at every sub division. A lot of work is happening at every place.

We are going to hold an administrative meeting at Rejinagar in Murshidabad today and in Nadia tomorrow. In the past, people of the districts had to go to Kolkata for official works, but now, the whole Secretariat travels to the districts in every part of the state. After tomorrow`s meeting in Krishnanagar, we will be setting a record of holding three administrative meetings in every district, in just two and a half years.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. Instead of wasting time on speech, I prefer making things happen. That is our job. One needs to know how to get work done. Every elected representative from the level of Gram Sabha, Panchayat Samiti, Zilla Parishad to MLAs, MPs must work for the development of their district.

In the past, Nadia was 11th among the districts in the implementation of the 100 Days Work scheme. It has now grabbed the top spot. I have high expectations from Murshidabad too regarding 100 Days Work. If anybody completes 100 Days Work and 200 Days Work, I will offer them 300 Days Work. We have brought down the time period of payment to 7 days now.

Our government has brought in a lot of transparency. We have put a check on the fraudulent ration cards. The process of digitization of ration cards has begun. We have been giving rice at Rs 2 per kilo to 3.2 crore people of the state every week.

We have taken up a number of schemes for women. You need to go to the BDO office and find out what is there for you. We are also giving allowance to the artists. There is Kanyashree scheme for girl students; there is Yuvashree scheme for the young men. There are scholarships for Minority community students and those belonging to scheduled Casts, tribes and other Backward Classes. We are also planning to set up a Medical College and Hospital in Nadia district.

A lot has been done for Murshidabad. The Medical College and Hospital has already been set up. Multi-Super Specialty Hospital is coming up in Murshidabad. Some others will be set up at Domkal and Jangipur. SNCU and SNCU have been set up in both the districts. We have set up Fair Price Medicine Shops in both the districts. There are such shops in Krishnanagar and Murshidabad already. Four more will be set up in Murshidabad district and two more in Nadia. We are also setting up Fair Price Diagnostic Centers in all the districts.

We have already given Kisan Credit Cards to more than 2 Lakh farmers in Murshidabad. More than 68 thousand farmers have received the same in Nadia. Model Schools, madrassas, marketing hubs, Kisan Bazars are being set up in both the districts. Shops will be given to individuals for their livelihood.

We are working on strategies to save the banks of Ganga from erosion. We have requested the National Highway Authority to repair the roads immediately. Out of the 4000 km long State Highways, we have started working on a length of 1000 km, despite severe financial crunch.

We have increased our revenue collection. But whatever we are earning is taken away by the Central Government in the name of debt instalments. If the Central Government had given us a waiver of the debt installments for one year, we could have created employment for ten lakh people. They should understand that we are not begging for alms, we are asking for our rights.

Today, I take a pledge to build a new Bengal, standing here in the historic land of Plassey. I promise you, we will restore the prestige of Bengal on a global level.

We are always trying to help people in the quickest possible manner. We have instructed our officials to clear all the projects at the earliest. No one needs to go to Kolkata for studying or training. The best possible facilities will be available at your doorsteps. If you do not get what is rightfully yours, please lodge a complaint. I have instructed the authorities that common people should not be harassed, when it comes to public services.  

We are working hard to create more employment opportunities. Our target is to give jobs to one crore people in different places, within the Government and through private organizations. If the mission is good and the vision is good, many difficult works are done easily.

I thank you all.