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October 24, 2019

Peace, political stability must for development in Hills: Didi

Peace, political stability must for development in Hills: Didi

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday said that there has to be peace and political stability in the Hills for development. She further added that in order to accomplish the development as planned, it is essential to carry out regular assessments of the ongoing projects and work done previously.

Speaking at the administrative meeting, she maintained: “Before every election, a slogan is raised; there is sudden upheaval and everything is destroyed. Every now and then things are set ablaze. This is why Hills are suffering for ages.”

The Chief Minister stressed that such upheavals are not good for the Hills and that the place and the people are the ones who bear the brunt and suffer the most. “It is very sad that sons of the soil like Amar Singh Rai do not make it and people from outside who spend a lot of money win all the support,” she said, referring to the last Parliamentary election.

She also stated that even the tourism boom in the Hills seems to have slowed down. “Foreign tourists plan long ahead. Owing to unrest if they have to cut their visit short or cancel, they usually don’t return. Ultimately it is the place and the people of the place who are at a loss.”