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October 30, 2019

State Govt giving job-oriented training to women

State Govt giving job-oriented training to women

In a bid to empower women by making them self-reliant, the State Labour Department has taken up an initiative of providing job-oriented training to women seeking employment. The Directorate of Employment under the department is directly conducting the courses.

Various employment exchanges are conducting training camps in the districts for upgrading the skills of female job-seekers who have enrolled themselves with the State Employment Bank, which is maintained by the department.

The training courses are related mostly to various domestic work, such as housekeeping, methods of child and elderly care, and first aid.

The focus areas of the training programme are handling various domestic appliances, arranging first aid and understanding the safety measures while operating various domestic instruments. The women are also provided training on operating computers and banking operations.

The training is imparted in batches, where each batch comprises of 25 persons. Till March 2019, 355 batches had been trained, which comes to around 8,800 women. Rs 2.63 crore was spent on the training by the State Government in financial year 2018-19.