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October 20, 2019

Land mapping to expand Haldia Industrial Zone

Land mapping to expand Haldia Industrial Zone

The State Government has decided to develop the surrounding areas of Haldia, in order to extend the Haldia Industrial Zone.

For this purpose the Haldia Development Authority has called for a tender for developing a ‘Land Use and Development Control Plan’ (LUDCP). The company conducting the survey would have to submit the report within 88 weeks, as per one of the conditions in the tender. A comprehensive industrial development plan would be created on the basis of the land use maps.

Three surrounding blocks of Haldia – Shahid Matangini, Kolaghat and Panskura – would be part of this development plan. A total of 805 square kilometres would be covered in the exercise.

Mouza-based digitised land use maps would be created as part of the LUDCP. Locations of agricultural plots, rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, gardens, forests, houses, railway tracks, roads, etc. – everything would be marked on these maps.

The help of satellite images as well as social-economic surveys would be used to create the maps. Differential GPS (DGPS) would be used for conducting the survey.

Source: Ei Samay