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October 22, 2019

Bangla on its way to self-sufficiency in egg production

Bangla on its way to self-sufficiency in egg production

Bangla is on course to become self-sufficient in the production of eggs. Over the years, various measures have been taken and these are slowly bearing fruit.

The latest measure is growing maize in selected areas, as maize makes up about 50 per cent of poultry feed. During the current financial year, 40 lakh tonnes have been cultivated

It may be mentioned here that the State has received the Krishi Karman Award from the Central Government this year on the basis of its maize production.

The daily demand for eggs in Bangla is three crore, whereas the production is two crore. In an effort towards making up this shortage, the State Government, a couple of years back, established two large farms with an investment of Rs 60 crore – one in Kalyani (Nadia district) and another in Barjora (Bankura district).

Then, subsidy amounting from Rs 8 lakh to 80 lakh annually is given to those willing to set up large farms. Waiving of stamp duty, part of the electricity bill for the poultry farm and several other measures have been taken.

The government hopes for production to catch up to demand within a period of one to two years.

Source: Aajkaal