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October 31, 2019

State Govt to start buying paddy from Nov 1

State Govt to start buying paddy from Nov 1

The Bangla Government will start buying kharif season paddy from farmers from November 1. This was decided at a recent meeting of the Agriculture Department.

The rate at which payment would be made to farmers has been increased from Rs 1,750 (last year) to Rs 1,815 per quintal. Those who sell at the 291 paddy procurement centres set up by the State Government would get an additional Rs 20 per quintal.

The total amount to be bought has been fixed at 52 lakh metric tonnes, with a maximum of 45 quintals per farmer.

Also discussed at the meeting were the further efforts to be made by the State Government to encourage the growing of alternative crops (as compared to the staple crops), like those requiring less water.

It was also decided to organise a State-wide seminar on maize farming in Rampurhat on November 17. Representatives from 12 districts will take part. In recent times, the government has been taking many initiatives for increasing maize cultivation. Bangla won the Central Government’s Krishi Karman Award in 2019 for maize production.



Source: Ei Samay