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January 29, 2017

Major GST issues unresolved: Amit Mitra

Major GST issues unresolved: Amit Mitra

A lot of issues related to roll out of Goods and Services Tax are yet to be resolved, feels Bengal finance minister Amit Mitra, chairman of the GST committee of state finance ministers.

“A lot of issues have not been discussed, without which GST cannot be rolled out,“ he told reporters after a pre-state budget meeting with industry bodies and chambers. The Centre has fixed a revised deadline for GST roll out on July 1.

Dr Mitra added that there are at least 15 areas where differences need to be ironed out. According to him, there is no meeting between state revenue officials and their counterparts at the Centre on fitment (fixation of tax slabs for different goods and services).

“In GST, there are tax brack ets like 12% or 18%. But a lot of products are now in the 15% bracket. So it will go to 12% or to 18%. But these issues yet to be discussed.“

Dr Mitra said due to constant efforts by West Bengal, the Centre had admitted single control in GST for tax payers who have a turnover below Rs 1.5 crore.

“As per the revised guidelines, 90% of the dealers (tax payers) in this category will be under state control,“ he added. There are 22.71 lakh tax payers in this category in the country . The number of such tax payers in West Bengal is around 90,000.