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January 11, 2017

A destructive party is selling off the country: Mamata Banerjee

A destructive party is selling off the country: Mamata Banerjee

Coming down heavily on the Centre on the issue of demonetisation and political vendetta, Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today said everyone is suffering due to ‘Super Emergency’.

“Modi Babu bulldozed his decision. Institutions were not allowed to do their job. Whoever is speaking up is being silenced with fear-mongering. Agencies are hounding them,” she said.

“Within hours of announcement of demonetisation I raised my voice. Why did they introduce Rs 2000 notes after banning Rs 1000? People will ban Modi Sarkar soon,” the CM added.

She thundered, “They promised situation will normalise within 50 days. Nothing has improved. Are 50 days not over? Why are restrictions on withdrawal limit still in place?”

She said Trinamool cannot be scared by fear-mongering tactics. “They thought TMC is made of soft mud so even rats can dig it. We fight with tigers, we won’t get rattled by a push from rats,” the Chief Minister said.

She reiterated that CBI has become ‘Conspiracy Bureau of India’.

Highlighting the sufferings of people across all strata of society, she said the protests will continue and the next course of action will be decided after Gangasagar Mela.