C40 World Mayors Summit applauds Bangla’s innovative Sabujshree Scheme

The Bangla Government has created another milestone with the Sabujshree Scheme, the latter having received an overwhelming response at the recently-held C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The mayor of Kolkata (also the State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Minister) had gone to Copenhagen to accept the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Award for the city’s environment-friendly electric public transportation project.

Sabujshree aims at planting a sapling with the birth of every child in the State. Under Sabujshree, a sapling is given to the mother of every child born in a government hospital anywhere in the State.

The saplings given to the mothers are usually of commercially viable trees like mahogany or sal. The parents are requested to nurture the tree like their own children. When the child becomes an adult, the parents are allowed to sell the tree and spend the money on the child’s education.

It is this aspect of the scheme that received widespread recognition at the conference. Mayors of several cities showed interest in how trees can become an asset to a family.

The scheme is the brainchild of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and was introduced in 2016.

Source: Millennium Post


Any attempt to destroy communal harmony by Centre will be thwarted: Trinamool

Trinamool Congress secretary general, Partha Chatterjee on Tuesday urged people not to get carried away by the communal card that is being played by the Centre.

He was speaking at the Sanhati Divas (Communal Harmony Day) programme organised by the party near the Gandhi statue on Mayo Road.

“There are people in the Centre who are playing communal cards by spreading fake rumours. People should put up a united resistance against them,” he said.

He maintained that communal harmony should be preserved. “Bengal is a land of communal harmony and peace and all effort to disturb this harmony will be thwarted,” he said.

Firhad Hakim, state Urban development minister said “Narendra Modi belongs to India just as Firhad Hakim. From time immemorial India is a seat of communal harmony and peace and the society does not tolerate hatred.”

He also said any attempt to destroy the social fabric of peace and harmony will be dealt with seriously.

Referring to demonetisation, Hakim said that the Centre was trying to help the multinational
companies in the name of demonetisation. Poor farmers will become poorer and will be forced to give up farming.

In the name of introducing plastic money, the Centre is actually helping the multinationals who will run the shopping malls. It is a dangerous move and will not benefit the country,” he maintained.


বাবরি ধ্বংসের দিনে বিজেপিকে আক্রমণে তৃণমূল

গতকাল সংহতি দিবস উপলক্ষে মেয়ো রোডে গান্ধী মূর্তির কাছেএকটি অনুষ্ঠানের আয়োজন করে তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস। এদিন এই মঞ্চ থেকে তৃণমূলের মহাসচিব পার্থ চট্টোপাধ্যায় সাধারণ মানুষকে কেন্দ্রের সাম্প্রদায়িক প্ররোচনায় পা দিতে না করেন।

তিনি বলেন, “গুজব রটিয়ে সাম্প্রদায়িক সম্প্রীতির ওপর আঘাত হানতে চাইছেন কেন্দ্রের কিছু নেতা।  সাধারণ মানুষের উচিত এর বিরুদ্ধে ঐক্যবদ্ধ ভাবে প্রতিবাদ করা”।

তাঁর দাবি সাম্প্রদায়িক সম্প্রীতি রক্ষা করা উচিত। বাংলা সাম্প্রদায়িক সম্প্রীতি ও শান্তির জায়গা, কেউ যদি সেটা খর্ব করার চেষ্টা করে তাঁকে রেয়াত করা হবে না”।

পুর ও নগরোন্নয়ন মন্ত্রী ফিরহাদ হাকিম বলেন, নরেন্দ্র মোদী যেমন ভারতীয়, ফিরহাদ হাকিমও তেমন ভারতীয়। ভারত সাম্প্রদায়িক সম্প্রীতি ও শান্তির দেশ এখানে সমাজ সবস্তরের মানুষকে ভালবাসতে শেখায়। তিনি আরও বলেন, সাম্প্রদায়িক সম্প্রীতি কেউ নষ্ট করতে চাইলে তাঁর বিরুদ্ধে যথাযথ ব্যবস্থা নেওয়া হবে।

নোট বাতিলের উল্লেখ করে ফিরহাদ হাকিম বলেন, বিমুদ্রিকরনের নামে মাল্টিন্যাশনাল কোম্পানিগুলিকে সাহায্য করছে কেন্দ্র। গরীব কৃষকরা আরও গরীব হচ্ছেন। তারা চাষবাস ছেড়ে দিতে বাধ্য হচ্ছেন। সাধারণ মানুষ চরম দুর্ভোগের শিকার হচ্ছেন।

তাঁর দাবি প্লাস্টিক টাকা চালু করার নামে তাঁরা বহুজাতিক সংস্থাগুলো যারা শপিং মল চালায় তাদের সাহায্য করছে। এর ফলে দেশের সর্বনাশ হচ্ছে।



Mamata Banerjee releases Jago Bangla Festive Edition

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee launched the Festive Edition (‘Pujabarshiki’) of Jago Bangla today at a colourful ceremony at Nazrul Mancha.

Like every year, the cover of the Festive Edition has been designed by Mamata Banerjee.

This year’s edition has articles by party functionaries, intellectuals and veteran columnists.

The Trinamool Chairperson has penned her thoughts on the recently concluded Assembly elections which Trinamool won with a landslide margin, negating all the smear campaigns and conspiracies.

The salient points from her speech at the launch function:

  • Today is Mahalaya. My festive greetings to all.
  • My heartfelt gratitude to all those who contribute articles to Jago Bangla.
  • The Jago Bangla 2016 Festive Edition is no less than the Sharadiya Editions of other newspapers.
  • We are lucky today to have Dwijen Da and Sandhya Di here today who have been associated with the Mahalaya radio programme.
  • There is no substitute for the Chandi Path and songs on Mahalaya.


জাগো বাংলার উ९সব সংখ্যা প্রকাশ করলেন মুখ্যমন্ত্রী

আজ নজরুল মঞ্চে জাগো বাংলার উ९সব সংস্করণের প্রকাশ করলেন মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়।

প্রতি বছরের মত, উ९সব সংস্করণের প্রচ্ছদটি তিনি নিজেই ডিজাইন করেছেন।

প্রত্যেকবারের মতই এবছরও উৎসব সংখ্যায় দলের নেতারা ছাড়াও লেখা দিয়েছেন বিশিষ্টজনেরা।

এই বছরের সংস্করণে, সমস্ত কুৎসা ও অপপ্রচারকে নস্যাৎ করে বিধানসভা নির্বাচনে তৃণমূলের বিপুল জয় নিয়ে কলম ধরেছেন মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়।

তাঁর বক্তব্যের কিছু অংশঃ 

  • আজ মহালয়া। সকলকে আমার শুভেচ্ছা ও অভিনন্দনঃ
  • যারা জাগো বাংলার জন্য নিয়মিত লেখেন তাদের সকলকে আমার আন্তরিক অভিনন্দন
  • জাগো বাংলার উ९সব সংখ্যা শারদীয়া সংখ্যা বা অন্যান্য পত্রিকার থেকে কোন অংশে কম নয়
  • দ্বিজেনদা, সন্ধ্যাদি যারা মহালয়ার রেডিওর অনুষ্ঠানের সঙ্গে যুক্ত ছিলেন তাদের আজ এই মঞ্চে কে পেয়ে আমরা খুব আনন্দিত
  • মহালয়ার গান, চণ্ডীপাঠের কোন বিকল্প হয় না





Trinamool candidates begin election campaign across Bengal

As soon as the election dates have been announced, Trinamool Congress candidates have started their campaigns.

Last Friday, the Election Commission announced the election dates for West Bengal, Later in the evening, All India Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee announced the list of candidates for all the 294 Assembly seats to be fought for.

Campaign graffiti and posters are being put up everywhere; rallies are being organised all over the State.

Mnay candidates are seeking blessings from the gods before starting their campaigns. Sovan Chattopadhyay visited Dakshineswar before starting his campaign. Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay visited Tarapith before starting his campaign journey.

Manish Ghatak began his campaign by leading a procession of Trinamool workers on Bagha Jatin Station Road.

Subrata Mukherjee began his campaign by painting graffiti in his constituency of Ballygunge. Gautam Deb too started his campaign in North Bengal by painting graffiti.

Many others too have started their campaigns. Today morning Firhad Hakim, Vaishali Dalmia, Shahshi Panja, Lakshmi Ratan Shukla, Soham Chakraborty, Indranil Sen, Syed Rahim nabi and many others were seen on their campaign trails.



জেলায় জেলায় নির্বাচনী প্রচার শুরু তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস প্রার্থীদের


প্রার্থী তালিকা ঘোষণার সঙ্গে সঙ্গে বিধানসভা নির্বাচনের প্রচার শুরু করল তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস। গত শুক্রবার কমিশনের নির্বাচনী নির্ঘণ্ট ঘোষণার পরেই প্রার্থী তালিকা ঘোষণা করেন তৃণমূল কংগ্রেসের নেত্রী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়।

এক মুহূর্ত দেরি না করে শনিবার থেকেই শুরু হয়ে গেছে দেওয়াল লিখন, পোস্টার, মিছিল।

শনিবার দক্ষিণেশ্বরের আদ্যাপীঠে পুজো দিয়ে প্রচার শুরু করেন কলকাতার মেয়র শোভন চট্টোপাধ্যায়। তারাপীঠে পুজো দিয়ে প্রচার শুরু করলেন সরকারি দলের মুখ্য সচেতক শোভনদেব চট্টোপাধ্যায়। বাঘাযতীন স্টেশন রোডে মিছিলে হেঁটে প্রচার শুরু করলেন যাদবপুরের প্রার্থী মণীশ গুপ্তা।

বালিগঞ্জ কেন্দ্রে দেওয়াল লিখনের মাধ্যমে নির্বাচনী প্রচার শুরু করলেন মন্ত্রী সুব্রত মুখোপাধ্যায়। প্রচার শুরু করেছেন সাধন পাণ্ডে সহ একাধিক বিধায়করা। শনিবার উত্তরবঙ্গে দেওয়াল লিখনের মাধ্যমে প্রচার শুরু করেন মন্ত্রী গৌতম দেব।

আজ সকালে নিজ নিজ কেন্দ্রে প্রচার করেছেন ফিরহাদ হাকিম, বৈশালী ডালমিয়া, শশী পাঁজা, লক্ষ্মীরতন শুক্লা, সোহম চক্রবর্তী, ইন্দ্রনীল সেন, রহিম নবী প্রমুখরা।

Promises delivered: Behala gets new booster pumping station

People of wards 129, 130 and 131 of Behala, Kolkata, are likely to get rid of drinking water woes as a booster pumping station was inaugurated today at Senpally in Ward No 129.

The pumping station was inaugurated by Mayor of Kolkata, Sobhan Chatterjee. State Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim, Education Minister Dr Partha Chatterjee, AITC general secretary Subrata Bakshi were present at the occasion.

With inauguration of this 3 lakh gallon capacity pump, people of the area, including that of mayor’s ward are likely to get rid of water crisis, which has been a local issue for long.

Tate Education Minister Dr Partha Chatterjee said that the Government under Trinamool Congress is delivering the promises it made to the people.

The State Urban Development Minister Mr Firhad hakim said that Bengal is setting example for other States.

The Kolakata Mayor said water crisis in the city has been largely eradicated. There will be a time when the city will be100% tube-well free, he said.

The booster pumping station was today named after eminent lyricist Mohini Chowdhury.


নতুন বুস্টার পাম্পিং স্টেশন বেহালায়

বেহালা ১২৯ নং ওয়ার্ডের সেনপল্লীতে একটি নতুন বুস্টার পাম্পিং স্টেশন উদ্বোধন হয়েছে। ওয়ার্ড নং ১২৯, ১৩০ এবং ১৩১ এর অধিবাসীরা পানীয় জলের জন্য তৈরি হল এই বুস্টার পাম্পিং স্টেশন।

উদ্বোধনী অনুষ্ঠানে উপস্থিত থাকবেন কলকাতার মেয়র শোভন চ্যাটার্জি, রাজ্যের পুর ও নগরোন্নয়ন মন্ত্রী ফিরহাদ হাকিম, শিক্ষামন্ত্রী পার্থ চ্যাটার্জি, তৃণমূলের সাধারণ সম্পাদক সুব্রত বক্সী।

এই পাম্পের জলধারণ ক্ষমতা প্রায় ৩ লাখ গ্যালন। মেয়রের এলাকা সহ সব এলাকার পানীয় জলের সমস্যার সমাধান হবে এর মাধ্যমে।

রাজ্যের শিক্ষামন্ত্রী পার্থ চ্যাটার্জি বলেন যে তৃণমূল সরকার তাদের দেওয়া সমস্ত প্রতিশ্রুতি পূর্ণ করছে।

রাজ্যের পুর ও নগরোন্নয়ন মন্ত্রী ফিরহাদ হাকিম বলেন পশ্চিম বাংলা অন্যান্য রাজ্যের কাছে একটি দৃষ্টান্ত।

কলকাতার মেয়র বলেন, “শহরে পানীয় জলের অভাব মূলত নির্মূল হয়েছে। এরপর এমন একদিন আসবে যেদিন শহরকে ১০০ শতাংশ নলকূপ মুক্ত করা সম্ভব হবে”।

প্রয়াত গীতিকার মোহিনী চৌধুরীর নামে এই বুস্টার পাম্পিং স্টেশনের নামকরন করা হয়েছে।

Nobody can dictate what to wear or eat: Mamata Banerjee at Furfura Sharif

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee today slammed the divisive forces in the country and the growing intolerance in India. She said no one has the right to dictate others what to eat or what to wear. Making a strong case for freedom of religion, she said that unity is strength and divisiveness spells doom.

Speaking at an event on the occasion of Minority Rights Day at Furfura Sharif, WB CM said under her government the budget of minority affairs department had increased five fold. “Few days ago a delegation of our MPs visited the Union Minister of Minority Affairs. They asked her to increase quota for scholarships,” she added.

WB CM announced the formation of Furfura Sharif Development Authority headed by Firhad Hakim. She allotted Rs 10 crore for the working of the board.

“Everybody has a right to religion. You can practice your faith freely. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai. Apas mein rehna bhai bhai,” the Chief Minister said.

Mamata Banerjee added: “We do not support Dadri killing. It is my right to eat fish. You can eat whichever meat you want. Some people wanted meat ban in Bengal during Durga Puja. I asked them will you ask a ban on fish? Don’t vegetables have life? Even plants have life. Will you ask people to stop eating vegetables? You eat what you want. Let others eat what they want.”

Vocally supporting the idea of ‘Sarva Dharma Samanyay’ she said, “Some people call their mother Ma, some call her Ammi. You cannot divide your mother. This is what Ramakrishna preached.”

In her speech, WB CM also listed the various initiatives by her government for minority development:

  • We have initiated several schemes worth Rs 75 crore at Furfura Sharif
  • We have increased budget for minority department five fold from Rs 470 Cr to Rs 2400 Cr
  • The Left distributed scholarships to 8 lakh minority students in last 4 years. We distributed scholarships to 84 lakh students
  • We have started Aliah University. Over 10000 people from Bengal went for Haj pilgrimage
  • We have introduced reservation for OBCs and minorities without touching general category
  • We have given computers to madrassahs. We are ready to recognise unaided madrassahs but we are unable to pay their salaries
  • Polytechnic colleges and ITIs are coming up. We are setting up Karma Tirthas where the youth will get jobs
  • We have built several hostels for students. We have built Minority Bhavan in 17 districts
  • We have given second language status to Urdu. We have set up Urdu Academy
  • We have instituted a Chair after Iqbal at Aliah University. He penned “Saare Jahaan Se Achha”

Kolkata joins C-40 group of megacities

Kolkata is the first city in South Asia to be included in the list of prestigious C-40 group of megacities, which is committed to creating environment-friendly cities.

An agreement in this regard was signed between state urban development and municipal affairs minister Firhad Hakim and Kevin Austin, deputy executive director of C-40 Cities Climate Leadership Group at Nabanna on Friday.

Hakim said that apart from Kolkata three other Indian cities namely Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai were eager to join the C40 group. Finally, Kolkata was selected.

The group will offer help to the state government on a host of areas for addressing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The major areas are solid waste management and air pollution. The group will come up with a blueprint including suggestions and ways by which they can be implemented so as to help Kolkata to become an environment-friendly city. The blueprint will be given to both KMDA and KMC for implementation.

C-40 Group helps in achieving the common goal of all the cities in saving the climate. The group offers cities a forum where they can share knowledge to take meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change, said Hakim.

Bengal’s joining the group was conceived by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during her London visit.


Image via englishsamachar.com

26 new stadiums coming up in Bengal

To develop infrastructure for hosting more sporting events in the state, the West Bengal government will allot plots for a new cricket stadium, football academy and an indoor stadium.

At the Khel Ratna Samman ceremony, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said they are ready to give land to the CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) to develop a cricket stadium in Rajarhat.

“I will give you (CAB) land, you prepare the stadium. One stadium (Eden Gardens) is not enough. With another stadium we will be able to host more sporting events,” she said adding that ISL franchisee Atletico de Kolkata (ATK) wants to establish a football academy in the city for which they are giving them some land in Dumdum area.

“I want them to nurture local talent in soccer. Take five clubs from Kolkata and five from the districts and nurture them. You spend so much money in ISL I want you to spend something for Bengal,” Banerjee said.

Besides the government also has plans to set up a new indoor stadium at a 20 acre plot in Rajarhat with a capacity of 20,000, she said.

On the Sports Village in Jalpaiguri district she said it will be of international standards but sought the support of the corporate sector in running it under a PPP (public private partnership) model.

“We have made the infrastructure and now if the corporates run it we are ready to extend all co-operation. They can take over and run this,” Banerjee said.

The chief minister also stressed on the need to have sports school so that football stars like Messi can be produced from the state.

“A committee with experts and corporates will identify which sports needs to be promoted and in what way. We want to nurture talent,” she said.

Altogether she said there are 26 new stadiums which are coming up in different parts of the state.

Kolkata has been selected as one of the venues for the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

WB CM confers Khel Samman on sports legends

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee today felicitated exceptionally talented sportspersons of the State who have excelled in various fields of sports. The felicitation ceremony was held at Netaji Indoor Stadium earlier today.

The West Bengal Chief Minister conferred lifetime Khel Ratna awards to legendary footballer and former Indian captain PK Banerjee and Tennis ace and former captain of India in Davis Cup, Akhtar Ali.

Thirty one players were felicitated with Khel Samman while 11 coaches were honoured with Krira Guru awards.

Speaking on the occasion, West Bengal Chief Minister said that sports sector in Bengal was on its path of resurgence. Twenty six new stadiums were being set up across the State, she said.

“We are proud that the U-17 World Cup is being held in Kolkata. We must bring back the glorious days of Bengal’s football,” the CM added.

“The world of sports will come to Bengal once all the stadiums and infrastructure is in place. What Bengal thinks today the world thinks tomorrow,” she said.

WB CM announced that a new indoor stadium will come up on 20 acres of land near Eco Park in Rajarhat. She sought help from the corporate sector to run the Jalpaiguri Sports Village under PPP mode. She also requested the CAB to build a new cricket stadium in Kolkata.


Image: Khel Samman Awards, 2013

Tabu gives away Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Awards at KIFF closing ceremony

After the star-studded opening ceremony and week-long screenings of world cinema, City of Joy was witness to a gala closing ceremony of the 21st Kolkata International Film Festival.

Veteran actors Sharmila Tagore and Tabu graced the event, to be held at Nazrul Mancha at 5 PM, along with delegates from all over the world. Honourable ministers Firhad Hakim and Aroop Biswas will be present on the occasion while Subrata Mukherjee will preside over the function.

As many as 149 films by 137 directors from 61 countries were screened across 12 venues in the week-long extravaganza. This year for the second time, the KIFF was a competitive event. The competition focussed on films helmed by women filmmakers.

Headed by Sharmila Tagore, the jury comprising well-known Chinese-American actress Bai Ling, Polish director Filip Marczewski, Israeli filmmaker Samuel Maoz and Sri Lankan actress Swarna Mallawarachchi, selected the Best Film and Best Director from 14 short-listed movies.