Rajya Sabha

May 5, 2015

Vivek Gupta speaks on the issue of Net Neutrality | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Sir, I have already raised this matter under the Zero Hour last week. I just do not want to repeat whatever has been said. But, Sir, as India is growing, more villages are getting electricity.

There is a situation happening that there are a lot of places where single operators are only there providing net. If these people are allowed to exploit, that will become a very difficult and a dangerous situation.

Also, I would like to know from the hon. Minister, through you, when the Government itself is an interested party because these telecom operators share a part of their revenue with the Government, so, how does the Government plans to balance this potential of increased revenue coming through non-Net Neutrality and protecting the freedom of expression?

Sir, my second question, through you, to the hon. Minister is: how will a level-playing field be provided to small businesses, to start up business, who use the Internet and e-commerce to further their growth and to try and compete with the big giants of the world?

Facebook and some other companies have, in fact, made voluntary gestures for going for Net Neutrality. If the biggies do not want it, I fail to understand why the TRAI is over-enthusiastic in disclosing all ten lakh e-mails and putting all these people at risk and siding with these operators.

I want an inquiry, through you, to go behind who is behind this concept in India, who is trying to instigate it because, the Government says that they do not want it. The consumers do not want it. The Internet biggies, Facebook etc., do not want it. So, who wants it? I just want an answer from him. Thank you, Sir.