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January 8, 2020

Won’t tolerate violence in the name of bandh: Mamata Banerjee

Won’t tolerate violence in the name of bandh: Mamata Banerjee

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today slammed the Left parties for indulging in violence in the name of enforcing bandh in the State. She said they were bereft of ideology and were seeking cheap publicity. The CM warned that violence in the name of bandh will not be tolerated.

Highlights of her speech:

The CPI(M) is bereft of any ideology. Putting bombs on railway tracks is not a ‘protest’. This is goondaism and common people would’ve suffered.

They do not know how to protest. You must be on the streets to protest. One must organise a movement based on ideology.

I have also carried out many protests and movements. I was on a hunger strike for 26 days. Not a bus or truck was touched.

I had been on a dharna for 21 days in Dharmatala (in the 1990’s) following which the State Human Rigthts Commission was formed. This is how protests are done.

We have protested against NPR-NPC-CAA at the government level. Trinamool, as a political party, has also organised protests.

After the incidence of violence in JNU, we sent a delegation to express solidarity with students. We have also sent delegations to Lucknow, Assam, Shaheen Bagh (in Delhi).

In the name of bandh, they are destroying public property, harassing daily commuters. Stones are being pelted. This is ‘dadagiri’, not a protest.

India’s economy is in doldrums. Bandhs will affect the common man. Instead of standing beside the people, why are they inflicting more wounds to the nation?

I support the issue. There are several means of protesting peacefully. But we will not allow muscle-flexing in the name of protests.

All the bandhs they call turn out to be failures. This is a cheap publicity for them. I would prefer political death over publicity by hurling bombs on people.

They are carrying out violence here but do not have the gumption to do the same in Delhi. That would require strength. They destroyed the State for 34 years and are still not satisfied? They are destroying the infrastructure we have created. 

The government will take action against those who destroy public property. We do not believe in violence, like the CPI(M) does.

I urge people to protest peacefully, using democratic means. Goondaism will not be tolerated. It is because of ‘goondagiri’ that CPI(M) has become a signboard.

Why are they inciting violence in Bangla, where people already support the issue? We condemn their actions.