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January 10, 2020

Kolkata is India’s safest city to live in for 2nd year in a row

Kolkata is India’s safest city to live in for 2nd year in a row

Kolkata has gained the top spot in the list of the country’s safest cities for the second consecutive year, with the lowest rate of cognizable offences recorded from here, according to the just-released 2018 National Crime Records Bureau report.

Kolkata’s crime rate has been on a downward slide for the past five years, with the total number of cases declining from 26,161 in 2014 to 19,682 in 2018, a 25% fall. The city fared well in containing violent crime, registering only 55 cases of murder and 143 attempts to murder. In comparison, Delhi registered 416 cases of murder and 473 murder attempts, while Mumbai registered 164 murders and 280 attempts. Kolkata also saw 14 rapes in 2018, compared with 15 in 2017.

Focused attention of the state government towards creating infrastructure and additional manpower, creation of new police stations, upgrade of vigilance, both human and technological, among other things have helped greatly in the prevention and detection of crime.

Various community-relevant programmes have brought the public nearer to the police in the city by creating confidence and by creating awareness among the general public. This has led to better policing in the city.