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January 3, 2020

Krishi Mela for welfare of farmers

Krishi Mela for welfare of farmers

The State Agriculture Department is organising Krishi Mela in all the districts to provide technical assistance to farmers, thereby improving the standard of living. The one in Siuri (Birbhum district) has already been inaugurated by the State Agriculture Minister.

The attending farmers will be given training on using modern technologies by the department’s officials so that they can increase production. They will also be able to procure equipment and apparatus at the ‘Krishi Mela’.

The department will also put on display various produces cultivated by the farmers at these ‘Krishi Mela’ in the districts.

Farmers will also get an opportunity to discuss various issues with agricultural experts. They can also get information about the loans which are offered by the State Government.

Following Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s instruction, the State Agriculture Department introduced various social schemes for the farmers. The state government has been providing loans to the farmers, both for seeds and equipment (both buying and hiring), and has introduced crop insurance (called Bangla Shashya Bima), paying the full premium.

As a result of the various schemes and projects, the income of farmers has increased almost three times without adding up to production costs.