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January 13, 2020

PM has completely brushed aside real issues: Abhishek Banerjee

PM has completely brushed aside real issues: Abhishek Banerjee

Trinamool Youth Congress National President and Diamond Harbour MP Abhishek Banerjee on Sunday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence on the needs and concerns of the people of Bengal that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had raised before him on several occasions. He also alleged discrimination between BJP-ruled states and non-BJP ruled states when it comes to disbursement of funds.

“The Hon’ble PM spoke on a range of issues. However he has completely brushed aside the real issues, the needs and concerns Didi (Mamata Banerjee) has raised with him on several occasions,” Banerjee tweeted on Sunday.

“Swiftly disbursing approx Rs 30,000 crore due to be paid to West Bengal, Rs 7,000 Crore grant for Cyclone Bulbul, the Iron Bridge he had promised 3 years ago for Gangasagar Mela etc, all these burning issues which needed attention from the PM, seemed completely missing,” said the Trinamool Youth Congress president in another tweet.

“Why didn’t the Hon’ble PM say a single word about it?” questioned the Trinamool MP. “Why does he always discriminate between BJP-ruled states & the non-BJP states? Why similar to West Bengal, all non BJP-ruled states have to face this apathy from the Central Government?” rued Banerjee.

“Bengal has no differences with PM Modi renaming the Kolkata Port after one of the stalwart legends of Bengal as a part of his Govt’s renaming spree. Sadly, the name change brings very little relief or benefit to the lives of common people in #Bengal,” Banerjee posted.

He further maintained: “If the Hon’ble PM could have announced any Port Development and/or Waterways Development initiatives which created further jobs & investments, it would have been the perfect gift to the youth of Bengal on Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, which we celebrate as National Youth Day.”