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January 2, 2020

Kolkata Police forms ‘Warriors’ team for women’s safety

Kolkata Police forms ‘Warriors’ team for women’s safety

After the success of the Winners comes the Warriors. Kolkata Police announced the deployment of this new squad of female officers through a Facebook post on December 24, 2019.

This squad has been specially trained in weaponry, unarmed combat and endurance activities. Thirty constables were selected from a total of 200 after rigorous training for two months. The team has been given a special uniform.

The members of this armed squad have been deployed at different street crossings alongside the Quick Response Teams (QRT), and are present at all hours of the day and night on all seven days of the week.

Kolkata Police had introduced a squad of female police officers called ‘The Winners’ in 2018 for the protection of women. Riding two-wheelers like sergeants, they roam around the city day and night, keeping a sharp lookout for crimes committed on the streets, especially those against women, like eve-teasing, molestation, snatching and others.

They carry equipment with them to contact their higher authorities if needed. The team is working successfully, and has been quite popular among the residents of the city.



Source: The Times of India