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January 29, 2020

3 new industrial parks in north Bengal

3 new industrial parks in north Bengal

The State Government is setting up three more industrial parks in north Bengal – in Jaigaon, Ethelbari (both in Alipurduar district) and Seven Mile (Kalimpong) – on areas measuring 11 acres, 42 acres and 10 acres, respectively.

The district magistrates of the two districts have handed over the plots to the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises and Textiles Department. Now infrastructural work would be started, which would take about a month to complete.

The main reason behind setting these three is to encourage local industries; locals would be given top preference. Another significant thing in the way these are being set up is that the government is sitting down with potential investors before doing the plotting, so that the latter can tailor-made to the requirements – type of industrial unit, amount of land needed, electricity requirements, etc.

The government would also set up buildings that would be ready-made for use by smaller types of units like noodle-making, packaging, etc., and these buildings would be made earthquake-proof, the region being prone to earthquakes. There would also be open spaces kept for activities like setting up nurseries, since the climate in some of these places is suitable for growing many flowers, including orchids, which are in high demand.

Source: Bartaman