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June 24, 2015

West Bengal Government completes 1500 days in office

West Bengal Government completes 1500 days in office

The Maa, Mati, Manush Government led by Ms Mamata Banerjee completes 1500 days in office today.

In the last four years, Bengal has reclaimed her position as the best among states in several sectors and has become a model for others to emulate.


Governance for all

The government of West Bengal sincerely believes in inclusive governance. WB CM has been working relentlessly working for people of all castes, religions, genders, communities and creed.

When Trinamool Congress led government came to power in Bengal, it had inherited a huge debt amounting to almost Rs 2 lakh crore. Despite the debt burden, governance has not slowed down in the state.

Achievements of the government

Finance and Industry

MSME Sector

Business Made Easy in Bengal

Social Security


Disaster Management

Urban Development


Youth Services

Environment Conservation

Housing for all

School Education

Higher Education

Women and Child Development

International Recognition