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June 24, 2015

WB Govt to launch Android app ‘Mati Katha’ for the benefit of farmers

WB Govt to launch Android app ‘Mati Katha’ for the benefit of farmers

The West Bengal Government is providing tablet PCs to officials of the State Agricultural department so that they can pass on the weather report and other valuable information to the farmers in the districts, state Agriculture Minister Purnendu Bose said.

There are 194 agricultural farms in the State and about 145 of them have already implemented this. Keeping in mind, the latest whether condition, focus will be on farming different varieties of paddy such as Tulaipanji, Gobindabhog and Kalo Munia.

West Bengal Government is also introducing an Android application that will link farmers with agricultural experts to provide solutions to their crop cultivation issues. Special agri-tech workers will relay the problems faced by farmers via an app to specialists who will aid in trouble-shooting.

The app ‘Mati Katha‘ has been created with the help of a team of agricultural experts and the state information technology agency WEBEL. 127 workers, who were recruited by the state government as part of the Krishi Proyukti Sahayak (KPS) or agri-tech assistants, will act as the inter-phase between the farmers and the specialists in six districts.