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June 16, 2015

HIDCO to develop Eco Village in Rajarhat

HIDCO to develop Eco Village in Rajarhat

After Eco Park, now Eco Village, a replica of reality. Those who do not have the opportunity of visiting rural Bengal will be able to experience how an ideal village is – Mud houses, naturally, without AC, ponds with fish in them and which you can fish as well. You can even cook the fish you catch at the new facility.

How about a boat-ride? HIDCO is planning to introduce only paddle and shikara boats instead of motor ones. Ample food options will also be available.

Urban Village

HIDCO’s Urban Eco Village is coming up on an 84 acre plot opposite the Eco Park. A village ecosystem is being developed by HIDCO with bamboo, hay and wood surrounding a huge water body. Here you will be able to go out for fishing, bird-watching or boating, you will also be able to see and taste the dishes of native Bengal.

As souvenirs you will be able to purchase handicrafts. Just as the Maidan acts as the lungs of Kolkata, Eco Park is the same for New Town. Eco Village will be an added oxygen supplier to those lungs”.

Prime location

A broad road stretches from the middle of gates 2 and 3 of the Eco Park starting from the Biswa Bangla Sarani till the end of Action Area 2, various apartments are located here. Opposite that, a huge plot of land has been identified beside Nababpur and Famerhati villages.

Eco Village is being developed around a water-body. Except for the washrooms, nothing else will be made of concrete here. The ducks will be introduced in the pond and various flowering plants and fruits will be grown on its sides.

Tourist attractions

A bird-watching tower is also a part of the plans, apart from the local birds, various migratory birds will be seen here. Open bill bird from Indonesia comes here.

Huts will be made available for resting in the afternoon. People can get a feel of Santiniketan or Darjeeling. Apart from that, village experience from North and South India will be available. Kids will also get a park in this facility.

When seen from the sky, the village will be in the shape of the English alphabet ‘B’. HIDCO has already begun their work as per the schedule.