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June 22, 2015

Hospitals in Bengal to get 17000 beds more

Hospitals in Bengal to get 17000 beds more

The West Bengal government will be adding 17,000 hospital beds this year to the existing 63,000 to boost delivery of health care facilities.

During 2015-16, we will add another 17,000 beds which will cost Rs 2,600 crore. Taking into account the private sector, total beds in the state is set to cross 1,20,000 by this year.

The total number of beds thus will increase to 80 thousand. 34 super multi-speciality hospitals have been planned in the state. Of this, one will come up in August this year and six more will be in place during 2016-17. The state is also focussing on improving the cancer care facility here. Improving the cancer care facility will cost another Rs.250 crore.

The government will be procuring linear accelerators in all government medical colleges which will be used for radiotherapy. The government has tied up with a Singaporean healthcare institute which will support and train the state government’s staff.

The outpatient footfalls in the state have been registered at 12 million a year. A number of diseases have been brought under control in the state and some of them will soon be eradicated. Diseases like Kala-azar, philaria and leprosy will soon be eradicated from West Bengal while dengue and malaria have been kept under control.