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September 22, 2015

WB Govt’s “Roof-top Solar Scheme” to take off in Saltlake, Rajarhat

WB Govt’s “Roof-top Solar Scheme” to take off in Saltlake, Rajarhat

The West Bengal Government is taking up measures to popularize solar energy and will start a “Roof-top Solar Scheme” initially for Bidhannagar, Rajarhat and Madhyamgram.

The Government is also requesting to use solar energy for small shops or small businesses. Recently a Solar Advisory Committee has also been formed to supervise the works.

Initially some of the blocks in Saltlake, the whole of Rajarhat and some of the places in Madhyamgram will have the buildings fitted with solar panels.

Also, in a bid to develop Rajarhat New Town as a green and smart city, the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (Hidco) will set new utility buildings in the township that will be developed as green buildings.

The new buildings will be set up following specifications recommended by the green building technical committee of the state urban development department. Two utility buildings have already been constructed in the township. Each of the new buildings will have an area of 1,500 square metres.

Among the recommendations the green building technical panel has made are use of two glass panes, with a layer of 6 mm air in between to ensure good insulation, use of autoclaved aerated concrete bricks that will help keep the interior cool, having a dual plumbing system with the facility of water re-use, having more open space than the minimum allowed under building laws and use of LED fixtures, five-star rated electric appliances and solar panels.

Once set up, the two buildings will be the first green buildings developed beforehand with ready built-up space for accommodating government offices.

The objective of setting up these utility buildings with ready built-up space, according to officials, is to create infrastructure before demands start to pour in.