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September 1, 2015

Rakhi Hub to come up in Howrah

Rakhi Hub to come up in Howrah

Two days after Raksha Bandhan, Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) on Monday decided to set up a Rakhi Hub in Howrah to help 20,000-odd artisans who make Rakhis for a living.

Rakhi making is a cottage industry in Howrah that generates an annual turnover of around Rs 30 crore. But the industry works in a very scattered and unorganized manner with middle man from Burrabazar exploiting the artisans. So, it was decided to set up a Rakhi Hub and space will be allocated space where the weekly Monglahat is held.

At the Hub, the artisans will no longer have to depend on middlemen. Along with them, suppliers of raw material will also be given space at the Hub. So, the artisans can buy directly from them.

The Trade Development Zone also plans to introduce training facilities at the Hub where artisans can hone their skills. This will increase production and help artisans compete with Rakhi manufacturers in other states. Representatives will go door to door and identify the Rakhi artisans.