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September 30, 2015

Ten things Mamata Banerjee said at Cooperative Federalism Conclave

Ten things Mamata Banerjee said at Cooperative Federalism Conclave

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee today attended a conclave on cooperative federalism, organised by the Government of Delhi led by Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

She appreciated the Delhi CM for the initiative and said that such a conclave of chief ministers on cooperative federalism may happen in Bengal in the future.

Here are 10 things that Mamata Banerjee said at Cooperative Federalism Conclave:

  • Parallel governments are being run everywhere. I respect the Central government. I know my jurisdiction. They must also remember their jurisdiction. State government is also elected by people.


  • The Centre is trying to fry fish in its own oil  – Maacher tele machh bhaja (regarding devolution of funds to the State).


  • Last year two people died in a bomb blast during Durga Puja in Bengal and the Centre sent NIA. Last month so many people died in Madhya Pradesh and there is no action; the Centre is hiding.


  • We do not have a negative attitude. We will support the Central government in positive decisions. But no parallel government will be tolerated in the state. There must be a laxman rekha.


  • During elections in India money flows like water in hose pipe. Hose pipe funding. We will request all political parties to sit together and discuss electoral reforms and state-funded polls.


  • The Centre sends CBI to raid the house of a CM. What if a CM raids the PM’s house, what will become of our democracy?


  • Achha baat kehne se aur swachhata ki baat karne se kuchh nahi hoga. Kaam karna padega.


  • Only announcement of funds does not matter. We are not getting a single penny. I have personally come to Delhi many times in 4 years.


  • Some ruling party leaders are instructing news editors to carry news against certain Opposition leaders and threatening to arrest them. This is not the spirit of federalism.


  • We can have the next meeting on cooperative federalism in Bengal. All CMs are welcome.