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September 24, 2015

KMC announces grant for women-led Puja panels

KMC announces grant for women-led Puja panels

Mayor Sovan Chatterje has announced Rs 10,000 grant for puja committees formed exclusively by women in the city. The initiative aims to encourage women to organise pujas in the city.

In the monthly meeting held at Kolkata Municipal Corporation today,the mayor announced this special subscription to the puja committees headed by women. The amount provided will come from sponsors who fund different puja committees in the city.

The move was announced by the Chief Minister a few days ago,where the KMC will act as the nodal agency with the job of providing the allotted amount.

This move will help out the puja committees formed by women which usually find themselves strapped for funds. Unable to find sponsorship, such committees are sometimes forced to close down as they cannot find advertisements. The CM’s initiative comes as a relief to such puja committees.