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October 20, 2013

Trinamool Congress is a temple – AITY National President Abhishek Banerjee at Bijoya Sammilani

Trinamool Congress is a temple – AITY National President Abhishek Banerjee at Bijoya Sammilani

South Kolkata Trinamool YUVA organized a Bijoya Sammilani Programme at Kshudiram Anishilan Kendra on Sunday. The Chief Guest of the programme was National President of the All India Trinamool YUVA, Shri Abhishek Banerjee.

Present at the meeting were the Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee, senior leaders Sovandeb Chatterjee, Sukhendu Sekhar Roy, Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar, Sashi Panja, Smita Bakshi, Ram Pyare Ram, Baishanyar Chatterjee, Nargis Begum and Shankudeb Panda among others. All the District Presidents were also present at the meeting.

In his speech, the Chief Guest and AITY National President Abhishek Banejee laid great stress on discipline and asked everyone to strictly implement the same.

The Bijoya Sammilani ended with the inauguration of the new All India Trinamool YUVA logo.

Excerpts of Abhishek Banerjee`s speech:

Trinamool YUVA was formed on July 21st, 2011, on the day of the Shaheed Dibas. Trinamool Congress is a temple. Before entering it, please leave aside your political aspirations. YUVA activists should make themselves a model for the young generation. They should help in churning out good human beings. YUVA should take up the responsibility to spread the success story of Maa, Mati, Manush Government among the people in Bengal as well as the nation. YUVA does not believe in politics of powers.

People's verdict is out. There is no alternative to Trinamool Congress. In the last Lok Sabha election, we contested on 26 seats and won 19. This time, we will contest all 42 constituencies and win each one of them. This is the oath we take today.

Those who are accusing the AITMC of being hand in glove with the chit fund companies must realize that these companies were formed during the CPM regime. No Chief Minister in the country has ever set aside a fund to pay off families that have lost money to these companies. The CPI-M has run the government for 34 years with bombs and pistols and the Trinamool will run the government for at least 100 years with the Tricolour flag.  People of Bengal have made the CPI-M politically `insignificant` and it would take the CPI-M at least 10 years to recover its lost position. Be patient and honest; do not to walk into the traps of CPM and Congress.

The strength of YUVA is the guidance of the Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee. With her blessings YUVA will move forward and work for the betterment of people. Those who will break party discipline will be barred from participating in further activities.

The next YUVA state conference and Bijoya Sammilani will be held at Geetanjali Stadium to accommodate more people.

Here`s what Trinamool Secretary General Partha Chatterjee said on the occasion:

YUVA should focus on discipline.  It should concentrate on identifying hardworking political activists and grooming them into future leaders. YUVA should spread the achievements of the Government to every district, every block and every village in the state. 

It has come to my notice that some local leaders in districts are putting up hoardings containing only photographs of local leaders, without any photo of Mamata Banerjee. In Trinamool Congress, this is a crime. This will be considered as an anti-party activity; the practice must stop immediately.

If at all party hoardings have to be put up, photographs of Mamata Banerjee should be included in them as well. There can't be any Trinamool Congress posters without Mamata Banerjee. Trinamool Congress has only one face, one door and one leader – she is Mamata Banerjee. Without Mamata Banerjee, there can't be any campaign. YUVA should keep an eye on it.