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October 23, 2013

Mamata Banerjee Reiterates Her Commitment for the Hills at Kurseong

Mamata Banerjee Reiterates Her Commitment for the Hills at Kurseong
“I convey my highest regards to all my friends present here. I had visited Kalimpong a month back and had promised development for the Lepcha brothers and sisters. Keeping my promise, today I announce financial assistance of Rs. 1 lakh to thousand poor Lepcha families to build their houses. Later I will provide marketing hub for you all so that your business can thrive and prosper.
My government is giving special emphasis on education in the Hills; if you have technical education you can get jobs. We have set up 35 new primary schools in the region and upgraded many primary schools to higher secondary schools. There are new polytechnic colleges, general degree colleges in the pipeline and in the future they will provide technical knowledge to the youth in this region, so that they can get jobs.
Rs. 103 crore has been allotted for improving power supply in Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong. Rs. 2000 crore is being spent on a 300 MW hydel power project. Rs. 79 crore has been allotted for road infrastructure development and Rs. 29 crore has been given to development of the highways.
I love the Hills and the people of the Hills, please don`t try to break this special bond I share with the Hills.
I try my level best to allocate maximum possible funds for the Hills, in spite of the fact that the Central government takes away a huge amount from the treasury as installments to repay the debt incurred by the previous government. Please don`t destroy what we are trying to build under very difficult circumstances.
Everyone has a plan and a calendar to follow, it is not right to disrupt plans. If tourists come to the region it will be a boon for the business communities here. I want Darjeeling to be at the top position of the world`s tourism calendar. Do not hinder the fun trips of people who are born to travel.
You people have hearts of gold and are very simple. I appreciate this. When you are happy, I feel happy. You`ll are so hard-working and so talented. Utilize your gifts to develop yourself and your region.  Fight with me if you want, but don`t fight with Darjeeling. You don`t have to support me but please support Darjeeling to bring development and peace. With these words I would like to conclude. Jai Hind. Vande Mataram. “