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October 4, 2013

AITMC Chairperson releases the Puja edition of `Jago Bangla`

AITMC Chairperson releases the Puja edition of `Jago Bangla`
Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee published the Sharodiyo Sankhya of the weekly party paper Jago Bangla at Uttam Mancha. Present on the occasion were legendary singers Gitashree Sandhya Mukhapadhyay and Dwijen Mukhapadhyay.
The Trinamool Chairperson felicitated the signing legends with Shawl and mementos.
The sharodiyo edition of Jago Bangla has its cover designed by Ms Mamata Banerjee.
In her short speech Ms Banerjee addressed Sandhya Mukhapadhyay and Dwijen Mukhapadhyay as `Bangalar Chirokaler Chiro Gourab, Chira Sourav , Chira Pallab`. She said that those legends had who sang the songs for the Mahalaya we listen on the radio may never return but the legacy of Mahalaya will never end. There will never be an alternative to the Mahalaya on AIR. It still touches the heart, she said.
Ms Banerjee paid her respect to the Martyr families from Singur, Nandigram nand Netai for their presence on the day of the Mahalaya,like every year,  in the publishing ceremony of Sharodiya Jago Bangla. Let us never forget them, she said.
We are honoured to felicitate Sandhya Mukhapadhyay and Dwijen Mukhapadhyay, said the Trinamool Chairperson. Their songs in the AIR1s Mahalaya had been inspiring her, she added. The AIR Mahalaya will always be historic. In fact the name Jago Bangla was inspired from the song, which featured in the Mahalaya programme, she said. `We used to stay awake all night to listen to the Mahalaya on AIR. We pay tribute to all who created the Mahalaya`, she said.
Ms Banerjee ended her speech quoting lines from the song `Jago dosoprohoronodharini`.