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October 4, 2013

Kolkata slums not under neglect anymore, ensure KMC

Kolkata slums not under neglect anymore, ensure KMC
Since independence, Kolkata has been a refuge to settlers from different parts of the country – those who lost their land, social security and almost everything, even the near and dear ones. Kolkata had been adopted by these people, earning day-to-day livelihood in the big city and building their own shelters in slums or bustees. The Trinamool Congress Board, in between 2000 and 2005 and then again 2010 onwards, had always strived to make the life of these people better, provide proper sanitation and a cleaner place to live in.
The main focus area of Bustee development in Kolkata has been centered around to create a cleaner environment to live in. Various initiatives to upgrade civic services in different Bustees has been initiated. Continuous efforts for upgradation of Water Supply, Drainage & Sewerage, Pathways and Lighting services etc. have been undertaken. In 2012-13, construction of 5,166 sanitation Latrines has been undertaken by the KMC. It also undertook construction of Community Halls in Ward No 5, 6, 9 & 57. In addition to this, 41 numbers of Pay and Use Toilets have been taken up for construction at different locations of the city.
KMC is giving a thought on introducing PPP models in slum development. 5 Pay and Use Toilets have already been constructed through PPP model and it has been planned to construct some more in similar manner.
Following works are nearing completion :
1. Water Supply Pipe Line >>                                     Length 34660 M
2. Improvement of Drains & Sewers >>                        Length 67193 M
3. Improvement of Passages and Roads >>                 Length 165533 M
4. Construction & Renovation of Sanitary Latrines >>    5166 No.
5. Installation of Electrical Post >>                              1813 No.
6. Laying of Electrical Cable Length >>                        117018 M
7. Construction of Community Hall >>                          4 No.
8. Pay & Use Toilets >>                                             41 No.
The works of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in 2012-13 to develop the Bustees in Kolkata will directly benefit more than 12.50 Lakh Slum Dwellers.
Apart the KMC has also taken up work of construction of 45 two storied Community Toilets under MSDP grant for Minority areas, out of which 20 are on the verge of completion.