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October 17, 2013

State Govt rushes to the aid of flood victims

State Govt rushes to the aid of flood victims
Five districts have been inundated and thousands of people are affected by floods in West Bengal. According to the state government, seven blocks of Paschim Medinipur district and some portions of Purba Medinipur district have been submerged, while Purulia, Howrah and Hooghly districts have been affected by the flood.
“Jharkhand and DVC have released water without any information, without any consultation with us. They just release the water whenever they feel and people here suffer. It is a man-made flood. It is their negligence, it`s a crime. They do it every year. We have been urging them not to do it. If there is need to release, they should do it slowly after prior consultation. But their problem is they don`t monitor. It is their duty to monitor and they have failed, “ said WB CM Ms. Mamata Banerjee after visiting the flood affected areas of Paschim Medinipur district.
Ms. Banerjee had earlier written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressing dismay over the release of water and accused the Jharkhand government as well as the DVC of failing to monitor the water levels.
“You are in pain and so are we. I have met many people on my way here who told me their houses have been destroyed but they cannot travel to a safer place due to various problems. So, I would suggest the BDOs to make a door to door survey. Don`t worry, my administration will take care of all the families“, Ms Banerjee assured the displaced people at the relief camp.
CM personally distributed relief materials to the distressed at Gopiballavpur in Paschim Medinipur.
From Paschim Medinipur CM rushed to Purba Medinipur and convened an administrative meeting at Kolaghat to monitor the flood-situation there.
State Government has disbursed 20,000 tarpaulins, 200 metric ton rice and Rs. 15 lakh to Paschim Medinipur; 20,000 tarpaulins, 100 metric ton rice and Rs. 30 lakh to Purba Medinipur  10,000 tarpaulins, 100 metric ton rice to Howrah.
West Bengal CM announced Rs. 2 lakh compensation to the families of the deceased, a sum of Rs 15,000 for those whose houses were completely destroyed and Rs 5,000 for partially damaged houses.
Its Didi beside the people – WB CM Mamata Banerjee at Gopiballavpur

WB CM Ms. Mamata Banerjee distributes relief materials to the distressed at Gopiballavpur, Paschim Medinipur.