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September 18, 2012

Trinamool Chairperson says TMC to quit UPA, Ministers to submit resignations on Friday in Delhi

Trinamool Chairperson says TMC to quit UPA, Ministers to submit resignations on Friday in Delhi

`We have decided to quit United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and our ministers will submit their resignations on Friday to Prime Minister in New Delhi', these were the words of Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee who addressed a PRESS conference after the Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Committee meeting at Town Hall in Kolkata. `We cannot support price hike on diesel and reduction in subsidized LPG cylinders. Allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail sector will kill poor farmers which we cannot accept,` she added.

`We waited for 72-hours for the UPA to respond as I gave them an ultimatum to rollback but unfortunately I did not receive any response from their end. I heard the Finance Minister yesterday saying that they are reluctant to withdraw the hike in prices. Hence, I am left with no other option but to quit the UPA alliance.` 

Ms. Mamata Banerjee said the UPA never cared to consult or take the Trinamool Congress into consideration before escalating fuel prices. This was unacceptable to the party. She said that inspite of this they continued in the government since she had promised a stable government at the Centre. `I kept my word but cannot continue any further`. UPA has always increased prices of fuel without informing the Trinamool Congress inspite of their repeated requests. She expressed her dismay in the past too that Trinamool Congress came to know about the hike in the Media. `The UPA always say that they are making a policy-decision but policy-decision can not be different from state to state, they do this to discriminate between states`, said the Chairperson. 

`Our Ministers will go to Delhi on Friday and will submit their resignations at 3 PM to Prime Minister. I really feel bad to announce this but I cannot accept any price hike, streaming on LPG subsidy or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail. I am concerned about the common people and will protest whenever decisions are taken against them. Maa, Mati, Manush and their interest is of utmost priority to me`, said Ms. Banerjee. 

`Yes, we need reforms. But reform does not mean to sell out everything to satisfy some sections of individuals. In a democratic set up, reforms must reach upto the poor and common people and the beauty of democracy lies on realizing its responsibility towards the common people`, said Ms. Banerjee.

`I am shocked to see the news just now about the increase in diesel prices by Rs. 5 per litre and also imposing a restriction on usage of six LPG cylinders at subsidized rate per year. This decision is anti-people, as it will severely affect the interest of farmers and common people. It will add to overall price rise in various essential commodities including vegetables. The common people and farmers are already overburdened. Government must realize that their decision is adding to their miseries. Farmers and common people are our biggest asset. Government should understand this and must withdraw this decision in favor of their interest`, earlier Ms. Banerjee wrote on her facebook page protesting the hike in fuel prices and steaming of subsidy on LPG. 

She ruled out outside support to the government. “We gave the Congress enough time to rethink their decision”, she said. The deadline ended on Monday without any rollback. 
Earlier the Chairperson on her facebook page wrote, ` In my opinion, instead of continuing to burden the farmers and common people, by way of increase in taxes and prices of diesel and petrol to raise resources, the Centre should now start thinking of utilizing large amount of black money lying in the country and abroad. A substantial amount of it, can be gainfully utilized for developmental work. Further, a large amount of `benami` assets and funds need to be unearthed. This can also be used for development of the country.`
The meeting was attended by all Trinamool members of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha along with senior party leaders and ministers of the state cabinet. 

Trinamool Congress Chairperson expressed thanks on her facebook page to the people for extending their support, ` I salute to our Maa Maati Manush. Thanks to all of you for your support. Thank you so much.`