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September 14, 2012

Chief Minister wants roll back in fuel prices and subsidy on LPG cylinders, Trinamool to stage protests across Bengal

Chief Minister wants roll back in fuel prices and subsidy on LPG cylinders, Trinamool to stage protests across Bengal
`I am stunned and shocked over this price hike, we were not consulted before taking this decision. I came to know about this in media. This has become a regular feature now. If things continue in this manner then I will be compelled to rethink over our being in UPA. I can come out of UPA right now but I don`t want to topple the government but if they are taking the advantage of this then I will have to rethink. This is totally arbitrary and we will not accept this price hike under any circumstances. I demand a total roll back.  Trinamool Congress will protest from Friday across Bengal. On Saturday at 4 PM I will walk in protest of this hike form Subodh Mullick Square to Gandhi statue at Maidan` these were the words of  West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee after the news of an increase in diesel prices and imposing a restriction on usage of six LPG cylinders at subsidized rate per year was announced.

Chief Minister aggrieved over the price hike said, `I do not buy the argument that inflation is the reason for hiking prices. I would like to remind the government that the common man is paying taxes to the government. Why the government takes people for a ride and resort to hike in fuel prices. We are unhappy and astonished that inspite of the formation of the UPA coordination committee after a long time, such a decision was taken without consulting us`.

`The price of diesel has been increased by Rs 5 without any discussion. LPG has been limited to six cylinders annually, where four to five cylinders are required each month. Small households require three cylinders. After withdrawal of the subsidy if one has to buy a cylinder for Rs 1,400, then how will one subsist? I demand a total roll back. UPA must withdraw the decision on diesel price hike and it will have to continue to give subsidy on LPG cylinders and people will buy it at the same rate as earlier,` said Chief Minister. 

However, if the Trinamool Congress will continue as an alliance in the UPA government the Chief Minister said the Trinamool Congress is with UPA as it want a stable government at the centre, `We have tried our best to maintain our promise but that does not mean that the UPA can take unilateral decisions regularly while state leaders continue slander campaigns against us. I will be most happy to withdraw support (to the UPA). If I withdraw support then other parties will provide support to them and then ask why we left the UPA which led to its collapse. People had misunderstood us when we had withdrawn support earlier`. `We are having a detailed discussion in the party on these issues,` added Chief Minister.

Chief Minister also expresses her concern over the price hike on her facebook page: 

The Trinamool Congress will start a protest campaign against the price hike from Friday across all districts and block level in the state. Chief Minister requested all her party workers to organize meetings and walks against the price hike. Chief Minister will take part in a protest walk starting from Subodh Mullick Square and will culminate at Gandhi statue at 4 PM on Saturday.