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September 24, 2012

AITC to organize a demonstration in New Delhi, Chairperson to lead

AITC to organize a demonstration in New Delhi, Chairperson to lead
Trinamool Congress chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today announced that she would lead a party demonstration at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on October 1, 2012 to urge the Centre to withdraw “anti-people” decisions on FDI in retail, cap on subsidised LPG and diesel price hike. 
“Let us fight the battle boldly and unitedly. In a democracy, people is the supreme. Our voice is the voice of the people. We must raise our voice, so that the government must reconsider,” Ms. Banerjee said in a post on Facebook. 
She said, “We all will be present to highlight these issues and request the Central government to withdraw the anti-people decisions.” 
Ms. Banerjee said the party's fight for the cause of common people continued with the help of 'Maa, Mati, Manush' throughout the country. 
“I am thankful to all of you for supporting our persistent protest against the unethical decisions on price hike of diesel, restriction of LPG cylinders, increase in fertiliser prices and permission of FDI in retail, which are not in the interest of the common people,” she said. 
She also requested her Facebook fans to tell their friends to join the demonstration at 1:00 PM on the day. 
AITC, which has 19 members in the Lok Sabha, withdrew support to the Congress-led UPA government and pulled out its six ministers from the government on September 21 on these issues.