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September 19, 2012

Chief Minister addresses the Press, says UPA never cared to negotiate with TMC

Chief Minister addresses the Press, says UPA never cared to negotiate with TMC

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday held a Press Conference at the Writers' Building and made her position clear on quiting the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) 2 as a mark of protest against the increase in fuel prices, streaming of subsidy on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders per year and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on retails.

Speaking to Press, the Chief Minister said, 'I heard that the they (UPA) was saying that they had tried to contact me for a negotiation but I did not receive any such communication from any level. This is totally false and concocted. You may recall that I gave them 72-hours time to think about the rollback but they did not cared to respond. We did not want to break the alliance but were compelled to take this decisioned as I cannot accept and support something which goes against the interest of the common man'.

However, reacting to the comments made by some of the members in the UPA justifying the subsidy on six LPG cylinders per year, Chief Minister said it may be because these people do not cook food, not even prepare tea or coffee. Even those who have a small family require more than six LPG cylinders annually for bare minimum requirements. 'I am sure they stay on total dieting. I regard them as “supper human” but we cannot all emulate them. Please ask your wives or family members how many LPG cylinders an average household consume per year and you will come to know the reality'. 'I do not accept this price hike as it is a burden on the common man and I would like to make one thing clear that UPA cannot burden the common man whenever they need revenue. I have said before and ask again, why then the common man is paying taxes?', added Chief Minister who said policy decision cannot differ from state to state. 'I will not accept this discriminating policy', she said.

The Chief Minister reiterated her position on the 'bandh' call given by the Left Front organizations on Thursday by saying that under no circumstances the Trinamool Congress will support the bandh on and requested people to oppose the bandh. 'Please do not encourage any bandh in the state means a complete shut down and this hampers the development apart from making a negative impact on the economy of the state'.