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September 22, 2012

Chief Minister inaugurates new pipeline project at Tala, reiterates on recycle wastes to protect Ganga pollution

Chief Minister inaugurates new pipeline project at Tala, reiterates on recycle wastes to protect Ganga pollution

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee inaugurated a new pipeline project connecting Tala and Palta pumping station. 

Speaking on this occasion the Chief Minister said, `This project will enable the people to have better water flow and supply across North, Greater North Kolkata and will even benefit those who reside in Ballygunge Phari. I congratulate the RITES Limited which has done this work. I am told that after this project the there will no problems relating to water in these areas.`

`I would like to attract your attention to the issue of drainage system and water logging in the city. I know work is in progress but right now all the water id being deposited in the River Ganges which is polluting the river. I would therefore suggest if we can work out an option where the pollutants can be recycled which will protect our Ganges form pollution`, said the Chief Minister who requested the experts to look into the issue. `I am concerned about the Ganges, I after taking over as Chief Minister sanctioned 10-crore rupees for the work currently in process at the Tollygunge drainage system. She requested the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) to look into the issue and extend all the cooperation required in this regard.

`We are also going to carry on similar work to for de-silting the small drains. Also we will have to take this work across the canals such like the one in Keshtopur. We would like to take up all the small and big canals as only then water logging can be resolved`, added the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister reiterates her concern to beautify and says that only then tourists will come to West Bengal. `We have tried our best to beautify the state within the limited resources we have and I am sure you all have already seen the new lights that we have put up. I sanctioned funds from my MP LAD initially. I am sure you remember that these lights were first installed at Harish Mukherjee Road. I feel happy to see these lights are illuminating roads all over the state today`, said the Chief Minister.

However, expressing her concern over the crimes taking place in the city, the Chief Minister requests people to re-invent the `Para` (community) philosophy as it used to be in the earlier time. She made a special appeal and requested those who reside in the flats and prefer to confide within their flats. `Please do not stay secluded and alienated by confiding yourself within your flats. I would suggest you to interact with all the neighbours. By doing this you will never feel alienated and also nobody will dare to take you for a ride. Unlike earlier then will have a big family which will also serve as an umbrella in time of crisis, added the Chief Minister.