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September 25, 2012

CM’s message on ‘Singur Dibas’

CM’s message on ‘Singur Dibas’

25th September every year reminds us of the pain and sufferings afflicted on the poor agricultural farmers at Singur. On 25th
September, 2006, the oppression of the previous Left Front Government on the poor agricultural farmers and landless labourers reached the stage of utmost brutality.

I remember to have rushed to Singur in the afternoon and participated in the peaceful demonstration at BDO Office. I cannot forget the inexplicable and barbarous torture meted out to all of us on that day. I myself was a victim and hospitalized. A boy  `Raj Kumar Bhul, the only son of a poor farmer` was also hospitalized and succumbed to death next day. This loss to the parents can never be compensated. However, we have extended assistance to the family of the victim.

Often, the spirit of determination stems from pain and sufferings. 25th September, 2006 created Krishi Jami Bachao Andolan. This Jami Bachao movement has been recognized all over the country and it has been established that forcible acquisition of land from the unwilling farmers is unethical.

Our new Government has kept the commitment and introduced the new Land Policy which prohibits forcible acquisition of land. We are also committed to return the land to the unwilling farmers/labourers, and that is why, the Government has been able to resume the land, so that it is returned to them. Since the matter is now sub-judice, we are waiting for a decision to fulfil our commitment to the people of Singur. However, in the meantime, in order to mitigate their sufferings, we have arranged for payment of ? 2000/- and 16 kgs. of rice Rs 2/- per kg. per month for the land losers and agricultural labourers.

Our leaders are in Singur today and I have also addressed them through my mobile phone. We must remember the days of sufferings and share it together. We reassure them of our commitment and we still stand by it.

Today, I salute Maa Mati Manush throughout the country and the world. I remember all kishan families and the families of landless labourers who have struggled. I thank everyone for their support.

(Ref: Facebook Page of Ms. Mamata Banerjee)

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