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April 30, 2017

Record paddy production in Singur

Record paddy production in Singur

After record potato production earlier this year, Singur has again scripted history by producing record output of paddy, amounting to 32 maund (nearly 1195 kg).

SRI and Drum-seeder techniques were used for paddy cultivation in Singur. Translplanter machines were used for cutting the paddy. The results are for all to see.

The work for cutting ‘Boro’ paddy started in Beraberi and Gopalnagar mouzas of Singur on Friday. Paddy cultivation was carried out on 230 acres of land.

Apart from paddy, til (sesame) was cultivated on 70 acres of land, corn on 26 acres, ‘kolai’ dal on 25 acres, mung dal on 25 acres. They will soon be harvested.