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April 26, 2017

A counter to BJP’s claims about Bengal

Finance minister Amit Mitra provides a point-by-point reply to Amit Shah’s “blatant and motivated attempt to distort the truth and misguide the people of Bengal.”


Claim: We thought after end of Left rule, development will begin in Bengal. But we have been disappointed in the last 6 years

Fact: They are comparing a government of 6 years with 34 years of Left rule. They are like the seasonal birds who come and go and thus cannot see the development in Bengal. During the first five years of this government, the planed expenditure has increased from Rs 14,615 cr to Rs 54,069 crore. Capital expenditure too has increased 7 times and the state’s Own Revenues have doubled.


Claim: Share of Bengal in GDP growth was 25% during independence. Now it is 4%

Fact: GDP of Bengal has more than doubled from nearly Rs 4.61 lakh crore in 2010-11 to Rs 9.20 lakh crore in 2015-16


Claim: Bengal had a debt of Rs 1.9 lakh crore when Left was voted out. It has become Rs 3 lakh crore now

Fact: Of the Rs.113,000 crore increase in the state’s debt stock during the past five years, around Rs.94,000 crore went into debt servicing. Bengal’s debt-GSDP ratio has improved from 41% to 35%


Claim: Power production in Bengal is not at par with national average

Fact: Bengal one of the few power surplus States in the country. By June, 2017, 100% rural electrification will be achieved, the first State in India to do so.


Claim: Agriculture growth has slowed in Bengal

Fact: Bengal has won Krishi Karman award 5 years in a row from Govt of India for excellence in agriculture, since 2011


Claim: TMC promoted appeasement politics. Huge akrosh because of it

Fact: Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Sabuj Shree, Sabuj Sathi, Gatidhara, Geetanjali, Khadya Sathi, Baitarani, Samabyathi, Samarthan – these schemes are for all. Govt of Bengal works for all. Our reforms in e-governance, financial matters and in other areas of public service delivery have benefited all sections of society.


Claim: Bengal Govt failed to curb FICN, made it a laughing stock by opposing demonetisation

Fact: After demonetisation, the BJP claimed note-bandi has eliminated fake notes in the country. Everyone knows the truth.


Claim: Industries shutting down, bomb making factories booming

Fact: Industry growth – India 7% Bengal 10%. Furthermore, 40% investment proposals received at Bengal Global Business Summit are in process of fructification. (Figure for same in Gujarat is 2-3%).