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April 16, 2017

Kanyashree calendar celebrates the girl child

Kanyashree calendar celebrates the girl child

The Bengal Government’s Purba Bardhaman District Literacy Mission has launched a beautiful calendar celebrating the Kanyashree Scheme for the girl child. The calendar portrays the new Bengali year, 1424.

This internationally-feted scheme, the brainchild of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, has been one of the landmark achievements of the six-year old Trinamool Congress Government in Bengal.

The calendar has six pages, each depicting a girl child.


  • The page for the months of Baisakh and Jaishtha depicts a girl child wearing an engineer’s helmet, expressing her wish to become an engineer and building cities, houses, bridges and factories.
  • The page for Ashadh and Sravan depicts a girl child aiming to become a police officer and protecting the law of the land and ensuring a law-abiding society.
  • The page for Bhadra and Ashvin depicts a girl child dreaming of becoming a pilot and exploring the world.
  • The page for Kartik and Agrahayan depicts a would-be doctor.
  • The page for Poush and Magh depicts a girl holding a badminton racket and a trophy, saying that Kanyashree has given her the courage to become a champion sportsperson.
  • The page for Falgun and Chaitra depicts a girl expressing her wish to become a teacher and through the profession, creating ideal citizens.


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