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July 2, 2016

PHE department aims to install 40 water ATMs before Pujas

PHE department aims to install 40 water ATMs before Pujas

The state Public Health Engineering department has decided to install 40 units of water ATMs in different parts of Kolkata. One has already been installed near Ekdalia in South Kolkata.

With an endeavor to provide safe drinking water to all at a bare minimum price, it has been decided to install the same at different parts of the state. But as pilot project it will be first set up in Kolkata and its adjoining areas.

Before, Puja it will come up in two places in Dum Dum, Victoria Memorial Hall, Indian Museum and near Nakhoda Masjid and 40 other places. The locations have been identified based on the footfall.

One just needs to put a Rs 2 coin into the machine and one will get a bottle containing 1 litre of cold safe drinking water. This is the first time when such an initiative has been taken by the state government.

The state PHE department has plans to install 200 such water ATMs across the state and steps to identify the location would take place after the success of the project in Kolkata and its surrounding areas.