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November 1, 2013

Kolkata Police vows to gift a trouble-free Diwali to the citizens

Kolkata Police vows to gift a trouble-free Diwali to the citizens
In a bid to make the city safer during Diwali, West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee inaugurated a City Surveillance System on Friday at Lalbazar Police Head Quarters. The state-of-the-art surveillance system will keep an eye on what is happening in the city with the help of 470 CCTVs installed at different points.
The Kolkata Police is extending the City Watch initiative, a patrolling system where a woman police officer will respond to a victim`s complaint. The police force has decided to apply a two-pronged strategy. This will involve joint teams of the local police and the detective department patrolling “sensitive zones“ in the city. Officials of the watch section of city police have also been asked to gather ground information. Kolkata Police, earlier, identified 24 important junctions and roads in the city where women feel vulnerable. The Police Force has decided to hire 300 autos to chase away bikers who harass women.
Kolkata Police has decided to increase the number of personnel on rounds – especially in areas that have a high density of high-rises – during Kali Puja in order to crack down on people who burst firecrackers with a sound level above the permissible limit of 90 dB. Unlike last year, when the police stayed in touch with the officials and security guards at high-rises, this year they plan to use hired autos to move around these buildings and will even visit rooftops if they feel that residents bursting illegal crackers. The Kolkata Police, led by the detective department, has so far recovered over 1,200 kg of banned crackers.
The Police has stepped up its vigil across the city, especially in areas around Kali Puja pandals. 88 Chase-and-Challan vehicles are locating and nabbing troublemakers harassing other citizens. For a faster chase, patrolling teams have decided to opt for sleeker bikes that were acquired last year, instead of jeeps.
In a bid to control noise pollution due to bursting of firecrackers, the West Bengal Pollution Control Board has prohibited the use of 89 types of firecrackers which emit sound more than 90 decibels.
In addition, the clutch of unmanned aerial vehicles that were deployed during Durga Puja for crowd mapping will be put to use to monitor the bursting of banned firecrackers on the roofs of high-rise buildings during Diwali.
Other measures include restricting sale of noisy firecrackers in pockets across the city and confining them to four major areas.