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November 13, 2013

Calcutta National Medical College gets second campus, thanks to WB CM`s initiative

Calcutta National Medical College gets second campus, thanks to WB CM`s initiative

The state government has declared Calcutta Pavlov Hospital as the second campus of the Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital (CNMCH). In an order issued last Friday, it was stated that Calcutta Pavlov Hospital has been renamed as CNMCH second campus.

The health and family welfare department has been considering for quite some time to arrange a tie-up between CNMCH and Pavlov Hospital with a plan to improve the management of patient care services and promote the national mental health programme.

The authorities have formed a set of medical administrative protocols. Primarily, as part of the plan, the psychiatry department of CNMCH will be shifted to Pavlov Hospital where the specialist medical officers, currently posted at Pavlov, will function as Unit-I of the psychiatry department of CNMCH second campus. Also, all OPD cases will be registered by the common OPD registration system in the second campus.

According to the order issued, the principal of CNMCH would be in control of the overall administrative set-up of the second campus, similar to the second campuses of other medical colleges, while the superintendent of Pavlov would look after the day-to-day activities. The medical superintendent and vice principal of CNMCH will give necessary administrative instructions to the faculty and staff, oversee the shifting of equipment and furniture from CNMCH to the second campus and take care of other arrangements needed to make the second campus functional as early as possible.