Bike Taxis get a thumbs up in Newtown

As many as seventy-five people took a ride on the Bike Taxis around Newtown on Friday and more than 600 people had surfed the K Bike Taxi app.

Suvendu Adhikari, state Transport Minister had inaugurated Bike Taxis known as ‘K Bike Taxi’ at a function on Thursday. If successful, this will be deployed in the entire city and the districts soon.

A passenger will have to pay Rs 20 for the first 2 km and to cover subsequent distance the person will have to pay Rs 5 per kilometre.

Some women drivers are also being trained and soon they will be deployed to drive K Bike Taxis.


নিউটাউনে প্রথম দিনেই জনপ্রিয় ‘বাইক ট্যাক্সি’

নিউটাউনে বাইক ট্যাক্সি পরিষেবা চালু হওয়ার পর প্রথম দিনেই এই পরিষেবা গ্রহণ করেছেন ৭৫ জন যাত্রী এবং মোবাইল অ্যাপ ব্যবহার করেছেন ৬০০রও বেশি মানুষ।

বৃহস্পতিবার পরিবহণমন্ত্রী শুভেন্দু অধিকারী এই পরিষেবার সূচনা করেন। এই পরিষেবা নিউটাউনে সফল হলে কলকাতা ও সারা রাজ্যেও চালু করার পরিকল্পনা আছে।

বাইক ট্যাক্সিতে চড়তে প্রথম ২ কিলোমিটার যাত্রার জন্য দিতে হবে মাত্র কুড়ি টাকা। এর পর প্রতি কিঃমিঃ ভাড়া ৫ টাকা।

ভবিষ্যতে মহিলা ড্রাইভারদের প্রশিক্ষণ দেওয়ারও পরিকল্পনা রয়েছে পরিবহণ দপ্তরের।

Bengal Govt launches bike-taxi service in Rajarhat-Newtown

Bengal Transport Minister today flagged off bike-taxi service in the Rajarhat-Newtown area. The service, described as Last Mile Connectivity, is a pilot project and will be introduced elsewhere soon.

The bike-taxis, which will ferry a single passenger by trained motorcyclists, can be booked through a mobile-based app. The trained motorcyclists will maintain safe speed thus providing pace as well as safety to its passenger.

Techies who have problems in reaching their workplaces on time in Sector V and Rajarhat, where the majority of the software firms are in place,  or find difficult to return home at wee hours will be hugely benefited.


রাজারহাট-নিউটাউনে চালু হল ‘বাইক-ট্যাক্সি’ পরিষেবা

রাজ্য পরিবহন দপ্তরের উদ্যোগে রাজারহাট নিউটাউনে উদ্বোধন হল বাইক-ট্যাক্সি পরিষেবার। এই পাইলট প্রকল্পের উদ্বোধন করেন পরিবহন মন্ত্রী শুভেন্দু অধিকারী।

মোবাইল অ্যাপের মাধ্যমে এই পরিষেবা বুকিং করা যাবে। সুদক্ষ এক বাইক চালক বাইক নিয়ে এসে যাত্রীকে তার গন্তব্যে পৌঁছে দেবে। এই প্রশিক্ষিত বাইক চালক বাইকের গতি নিয়ন্ত্রণ রাখার পাশাপাশি যাত্রীর নিরাপত্তারও খেয়াল রাখবে।

রাজারহাট ও সেক্টর ৫-এর তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি ক্ষেত্রের কর্মীরা প্রায়ই নির্দিষ্ট সময় নিজেদের কর্মস্থলে পৌছতে সমস্যায় পড়েন বা বাড়ি ফিরতে অসুবিধায় পড়েন। তারা এই পরিষেবার ফলে খুব উপকৃত হবেন।

রাজ্যের অন্যান্য জায়গাতেও এই পরিষেবা চালু করার পরিকল্পনা রয়েছে।

CII inks pact with WB Govt to develop smart cities

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Friday sealed an agreement with the West Bengal government to build four smart cities in the state.

Dr Saugat Mukherjee, regional director, CII Eastern Region, and Sutanu Prasad Kar, mission director, Smart Cities Mission of West Bengal, signed the MoU during a Roundtable on CII National Mission on Smart Cities.

As per the agreement, CII will work with the state’s urban development department and other stakeholders in developing the vision, setting goals and charting strategies on how to transform Bidhan Nagar, New Town-Rajarhat, Haldia and Durgapur, the four urban locations in West Bengal, into world-class smart cities.

CII will also collaborate with the state government in terms of mobilising industry expertise and resources, the release said.

Top municipal and state government officials and senior executives from various companies took part.

Bengal Govt plans to launch mono rail in New Town

The state government is planning to introduce mono rail in New Town and to connect it with Metro Rail to improve transport system in the city, said State Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim.

The minister said this while announcing that Kolkata has joined the league of “C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group”, which is a global network of cities tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces both green house gas emission and climate risks.

He said that this was a huge opportunity for the city and would open new avenues for Kolkata to develop it as a modern city.

He added that since this was a huge opportunity to interact with experts from other global cities to upgrade civic facilities, the state government would focus more on upgrading the city’s transport system.

“The state government is keen to revive the entire transport system. As part of this initiative we are planning to introduce mono rail in Salta Lake Sector-V and New Town. The idea is to connect the mono rail with the Metro Rail so that people can enjoy a world class transport system,” the minister said.

“The planning is there and we are in the process of implementing the project. We have to wait a little bit as the population of New Town is yet to achieve its potential. For the survival of such projects there needs to be enough users,” Firhad Hakim added.


The image is a representative one

Eco-friendly buses to ply on Newtown roads

Electric-run buses will soon hit the roads of New Town in Rajarhat and nearby important junctions, connecting the township to the city. After the official team led by the West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee, spotted this form eco-friendly transport in London the ideas have taken form and are soon to be executed.

A MoU has already been signed between Hidco and Coal India Limited to operate the electric bus services in the township. The introduction will be with three electric-run buses that will ply circular routes in New Town, Rajarhat. The routes will end in important points linking the city, such as Ultadanga, Karunamoyee, Chinrighata and Chinar Park. The pollution-free buses would not only help the environment, but it would also boost the public transport system in New Town. The township is being developed as a green smart city and the electric-run buses will pave the way for the initiatives.

The New Town Development Authority is also trying to introduce e-ricksaws in the township that will run on short routes; it will be an alternative to the conventional autos. A plan for monorail is on the cards. The aim is to establish a smart public transport system for the township, which will be developed into a smart city. It entails having a personalized rapid transit system where vehicles will be pollution free, battery operated and will move on short routes.

State Government buildings to go green with solar power

The West Bengal Government has decided to install rooftop solar panels in as many government buildings as possible across the state so that at least one fourth of the total power demand of these buildings can be met through the alternative route.

To begin with, 50KW solar panels have already been set up in two government buildings ­ Nagarayan Bhavan and Nirman Bhavan in Salt Lake.While Nagarayan Bhavan houses the State Urban Development, Nirman Bhavan, which was earlier known as Sech Bhavan, is the office of the State Irrigation Department. Solar panels have also been installed in the New Town Kolkata Development Authority building in New Town.

Focus on alternative energy

Solar energy that will be generated from the panel will be converted into electrical energy and put into the grid. The power that will be generated will be measured through a special net-meter and thereby there will be a reduction in the total electricity bill.

Installation of roof-top solar panels will make government buildings energy intelligent and the use of conventional electricity will be reduced considerably. Regulators will be fixed and the panels will be net-metered so that the tariff rate could be fixed for using solar power.

Rajarhat follows suit

In Rajarhat New Town, NKDA authorities had already made it mandatory for all commercial and residential high-rises to install solar rooftop systems to meet at least 2% of the buildings’ total electric load.

The State Environment Department and the West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) are jointly working to set up solar photo voltaic panels in 80 schools and 20 primary health centres across the state. The project is being executed by the West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation to generate solar power from the panels and to put it on the grid.