Saugata Roy speaks during a Calling Attention Motion on the flood situation prevailing in different parts of India


Thank you Madam. I thank the Home Minister for the detailed statement given by him. Although I am a little intrigued why the Home Minister should reply to a debate on floods during the Calling Attention Motion. This year, 24 States have been affected by floods, the most-affected being Gujarat, Assam, Rajasthan and Bengal.

One thing that has been pointed out by the CAG is that India’s flood forecast capability is a washout. We have not been able to forecast floods at all. Now I go to the statement in detail. Before that I may mention that in the whole country, the maximum number of people killed is in Gujarat – 229. Bengal is second at 149, Maharashtra, third at 105, and Assam, fourth at 84. About crops washed away, Gujarat is at the top, over an area of 8.91 lakh acres; Rajasthan is second at 8.34 and Bengal is third at 4.23.

I want to bring to the notice of the House that there has been rainfall in all parts of the country but in Bengal it is totally a man-made flood. It has happened in six districts of Bengal due to the release of water from the barrages of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), which is under the Central Government. The State Government has repeatedly appealed to the DVC to desilt its reservoirs in Tilaiya, Maithon and Panchet, but it has done nothing about the matter.

When the heavy rainfall started, Bengal had repeatedly appealed to the DVC to not to release water. The Chief Minister herself spoke to the DVC authorities and requested them not to release all the water at one go; but they still released the water. As a result, six districts of Bengal are badly flooded. And as I told you 129 people have died and 4.23 lakh acres of crops have been washed away. You would be surprised, Madam, that the maximum number of houses destroyed is in Bengal – 1,43,000 – as compared to 26,000 in Assam.

The Prime Minister visited Gujarat, which is all right; it is his home State which is badly affected. He also visited Assam, which is run by the ruling party. It is a good thing. The Ministers of State visited Assam and Arunachal Pradesh but none of the big honchos from the Central Government visited our unfortunate State of Bengal. While the Prime Minister announced a rehabilitation package for Gujarat, Assam and the north-eastern States, no package has been announced for Bengal till date. We feel unfortunate, left out, and we wonder in our minds whether we have been the victims of political discrimination.

My question to the Honourable Minister is direct:

A. Will the Union Government take proper steps for desilting the dams of Damodar Valley Corporation and also control the release of water from dams and barrages which are controlled by the Central Government’s Damodar Valley Corporation?

B. Will the Union Government announce any package for Bengal for relief and rehabilitation, and for recovery and restoration of embankments that are being washed away?

Our Chief Minister met Rajnath Singh ji the other day; she wanted to meet the Prime Minister but that day the Prime Minister was visiting Gujarat. I hope that Bengal will get relief from the Central Government and not feel politically discriminated against.

Thank you, Madam.



Saugata Roy makes a Zero Hour Mention regarding the flood situation in Bengal


I want to raise the following matter in Zero Hour.

Our State of Bengal is facing the threat of floods in six districts, namely, Birbhum, Bankura, Murshidabad, Howrah, Hooghly and Purba Midnapur. Already three people have died in three districts. A large number of villages are facing water-logging. This flood situation is man-made. The flood situation has come due to release of water from the dams of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC).

Since Bengal is on the lower reaches of the river Damodar, our suffering is more. The water level in Tenughat Reservoir of Jharkhand is already high and the dam is likely to release more water. DVC has released 2 lakh cusecs of water in three days from Mythan and Panchet dams, both of which are situated in Bengal. The State Government has been repeatedly requesting for desilting of the reservoirs in above dams for a long time. But, the DVC, which is under the Central Government, has taken no steps. Nor has the Centre given approval to the lower-Damodar Drainage Scheme.

Madam, the flood in Bengal is man-made. The Prime Minister went for an aerial survey of floods in Gujarat and sanctioned Rs 500 crore for flood relief, which is all right. But, he did not come to visit Assam, which is badly flood-affected or Rajasthan, let alone Bengal. We want the Prime Minister to deal with all the flood-affected states on equal footing and take adequate steps for the man-made floods in Bengal.

Thank you.


Bengal Govt to help 30 lakh flood-hit farmers

The West Bengal government has decided to give monetary compensation to 30 lakh farmers who have lost their crops due to floods in the state.

“Nearly 30 lakh farmers who have suffered partial or full crop damage will get a compensation of Rs.13,500 from the state government,” Pradip Majumdar, Chief Agriculture Advisor to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said.

More than 11.5 lakh hectares of land has been identified by the state government which has been either fully or partially affected by the floods in the month of August this year.

“Near about 13 lakh hectares of land has been affected either partially or fully. Out of this we have identified 11.5 lakh hectares of land farmers of which are eligible for compensation,” said Mazumdar.

He said that more than 10 lakh farmers had been registered so far who would be eligible for the compensation.

“With the next few days we will be able to complete the list of 30 lakh farmers for their registration,” said Mazumdar.

The compensation of Rs.13,500 would be given to farmers to create new seed bed for cultivation of crops as existing sea beds have been washed away by the floods.

Trinamool raises Cyclone Komen issue in RS, demands Central aid for affected people

Trinamool Congress raised the issue of getting immediate relief from Centre for flood-affected people in Bengal in the Rajya Sabha during Zero Hour.

Speaking on the issue, MP Vivek Gupta said that the West Bengal Chief Minister has stated that the total damages have been estimated at Rs 30000 crore due to the floods, but yet Bengal has got no response from the Central Government.

He pointed out that 12 districts have been affected, 100 people have died and lost their lives, yet the Central Government has not responded till now.

Trinamool urged the Central Government to provide immediate relief to the people of West Bengal.

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WB Agri Dept encourages flood-affected farmers to take up alternative farming

The West Bengal Agriculture Department has started promoting suggestions for farmers of the flood affected areas for the rejuvenation of crops and alternative farming.

The suggestions are being promoted through different mediums as well as through news media.

The suggestions detail the processes that may be adopted for restoring the damaged crops as well as planting of new seeds which will produce crops in the quickest possible time.

The suggestion include examples of alternative crops like vegetables that can be sowed in place of Aman as well as the details of the fertilizers to be used to get the best results.

The suggestions also lay light on the different measures of farming like Dapog, Shree, Drum Seeder and when and where to use them.



Suggestion for farmers by the WB Agriculture Dept

All party meeting on flood situation at Nabanna today

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday called for an all-party meeting on Saturday to discuss the present flood situation in the state, which has claimed 85 lives so far. “It is being called on Saturday evening,” Mamata Banerjee told reporters at state secretariat Nabanna in Howrah.

The State government has already decided to provide Rs two lakh each to people seriously injured in flood.

The West Bengal Chief Minister has already announced compensation of Rs four lakh each to family members of decreased. This apart, Rs.60, 000 each would be given to persons having an organ damaged, Rs.12,000 for minor injury and Rs.4,000 for staying in hospital for more than a week.

The DMs have been asked to submit the list of affected persons so as to start the distribution of compensation.

WB CM has been monitoring the flood situation personally. She stayed all night at Nabanna control room on Sunday and visited flood-hit areas of Howrah, Ashoknagar to distribute relief materials. Elected representatives and ministers of Trinamool Congress are also carrying out relief work in various districts.

12 out of 20 districts in Bengal flood-affected: WB CM

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee today conducted a video conference with the DMs of the flood-affected districts to review the flood situation in South Bengal.

During a press briefing at the end of the meeting, WB CM said 12 out of 20 districts of Bengal are flood-hit. She said she will seek funds from the Centre for disaster relief.

WB CM also said that she has sought time from the PM for a meeting when she visits New Delhi on 11-12 August. She will raise the issue of compensation for farmers and suggest to Centre about farm loan waiver.

WB CM called for modernisation of the DVC and said dredging work in Damodar needs to be carried out immediately. She has spoken to Union Minister Peeyush Goyal regarding the matter. “Bengal is suffering because of DVC. Dredging work has not been done due to which water is overflowing,” she said.

WB CM has also instructed all district magistrates to prepare full survey report of the damages causes due to floods by 18 August, 2015.

Flood situation in Bengal as of now:

  • 233 blocks affected
  • 53 municipalities affected
  • 2 corporations affected
  • 781 gram panchayats affected
  • 16309 villages affected
  • 61 lakh people affected
  • 4 lakh houses destroyed
  • 8 lakh hectares of land destroyed
  • 11000 cattle lost their lives
  • 3000 relief camps have been opened
  • 4 lakh people currently at relief camps
  • 1500 community kitchens have been opened
  • 663 medical camps have been opened
  • 12 lakh pouches of water being distributed
  • Cattle camps have been set up
  • Bunds and embankments are being repaired


The West Bengal Chief Minister has been monitoring the flood situation closely from the control room we set up in Nabanna since Sunday, when she stayed overnight at the State Secretariat. On Monday, she visited Ashoknagar in North 24 Parganas to take stock of the devastation caused by a cyclone in that area. She also distributed relief materials to the affected people.


Working 24×7 to tackle calamity: WB CM

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee on Monday visited flood-affected villages in Habra-Ashokenagar in North 24-Parganas to monitor relief work.

The West Bengal Chief Minister distributed relief material at Kajla primary school, where hundreds are taking shelter. Disaster management kits -including clothes, rice, potato, dal and puffed rice -were distributed to villagers from Bonbonia and Mohonpur.

The West Bengal Chief Minister said the government was working on a war footing, 24 hours a day, to provide relief. Mamata, in fact, stayed back at Nabanna till midnight on Sunday to monitor relief work from the control room.“We are trying our best to tackle this natural disaster. We will not beg anybody for help. The government stands beside the people. Our officers and workers have been working without rest,” she added.

“The BDOs have been asked to submit a list on how many have lost their houses and how many lost their crops so that we can reach out to everyone,“ the West Bengal Chief Minister informed. “Ministers have been sent to the districts to supervise relief work. The Government is giving Rs 4 lakh compensation to families of those killed and d Rs 2 lakh to the seriously injured. Many NGOs are also helping out.”

She said this was not the time for narrow politics.”Politics should not be done at a time when people are reeling from a natural calamity,” the West Bengal Chief Minister said.

At Nabanna, she said that DVC was worsening the crisis in Burdwan, Hooghly and Howrah. “I had asked DVC to go for modernization, but they are not doing it. Due to lack of dredging they are unable to hold water, otherwise DVC could have been able to retain 2 lakh cusec water. The release of DVC water is a major concern when Jharkhand barrages are also releasing water due to heavy rain,“ she said, adding that she will hold video conference with DMs of Burdwan, Hooghly, Birbhum, Howrah, West Midnapore, South and North 24-Parganas and Murshidabad.

On Monday night she made calls to the officials every one and half hours to know the situation.

WB CM monitors flood situation all night from Nabanna

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee on Sunday decided to stay overnight at Nabanna to personally monitor the flood situation. After several meetings with her officials, WB CM had set up a control room at the state secretariat to keep an eye on the problem 24X7. Senior administrative officials were present along with the Chief Minister during the night when she spoke to the district officials at every interval.

“The situation has deteriorated, particularly in the four districts of Murshidabad, Birbhum, Howrah and Hooghly , due to excessive rain and the release of water from barrages,“ the West Bengal Chief Minister said.“We are keeping an eye on it and are ready to stand by the affected people.“

The Chief Minister has postponed her north Bengal trip scheduled on Monday and will instead visit the flood-affected areas of Habra in North 24-Parganas. On Saturday, she visited flood-hit areas in Howrah. According to the disaster management department’s report, 47 municipalities across the state have been affected by floods. Senior police and district officials have already been posted accordingly. The government is appealing to all affected people in the districts to move to their nearest relief camp before the problem worsens.

The Chief Minister will today visit the cyclone affected Kajla in Ashoknagar, North 24 Parganas.

While the Chief Minister has already started visiting the affected zones from Saturday evening, ministers from the State cabinet are also visiting different districts to supervise relief works.

Till now, about 38,046 houses have been completely wrecked and 2,05,901 have suffered partial damages because of the heavy rain.

Till Sunday , the number of affected districts stood at 12 and a total of 36,90,627 people have been affected. About 4,72,645 hectare of crop area has been damaged. The government is also running 204 medical camps and relief material is being sent to all the affected districts.

Reports of embankments getting damaged have also come in from several gram panchayats in Burdwan and West Midnapore. In areas under Kolkata Municipal Corporation, 73 pumping stations are working to flush out excess rainwater.

Flood situation: WB CM chairs meeting of disaster management group at Nabanna

West Bengal Chief Minister held a meeting with the disaster management committee of the State to review the flood situation in the State. Several officials and ministers of various departments were present in the meeting.

The Chief Minister assigned specific ministers the charge over overseeing relief operations in specific districts. She said that Bengal received excess rainfall this year, over and above the normal. Ruing the fact that no one can control natural calamities, she said the government was taking all precautions in light of the fresh prediction of heavy rainfall in the next 48 hours.

“39 people have died so far in the flood situation due to various reasons like electrocution and snake bites. We have decided to give ex-gratia payment of Rs 4 lakh to families of those have lost their lives due to floods,” she announced during a press briefing after the meeting.

“We will carry out a survey of the damages caused to crops and farmlands. We are requesting the Centre to repair National Highways. PWD Dept will take care of State Highways,” she added.

The government had launched an emergency helpline 1070 yesterday for flood relief operations.