State Govt setting up shankha, shola, jewellery hub in Ashoknagar

The traditional handicrafts and cottage industry of Bengal are quite well-known, even outside India.

Over the last six years, the Trinamool Congress Government has made extensive efforts to promote these arts and crafts, both inside and outside the country, through trade fairs, craft hubs, online marketing and selling, etc.

The latest craft hub – for objects made of shells (shankha), shola (pith of the shola plant) and jewellery box – is coming up in Ashoknagar in North 24 Parganas district. It is coming up an area of 5 acres, and is being set up by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department of the Bengal Government.

The area for the hub has been identified and work is on in full swing. It would be inaugurated within the next few months.

Shankha and shola objects are required for many pujas, and are in high demand especially during the Durga Puja season. Almost every idol-maker in and around Kolkata, the nerve centre of the Durga Puja market, acquire shola jewellery for adorning the idols.

Jewellery boxes made in and around Ashoknagar by rural artisans has demand even in West Asia, besides of course in the domestic markets. But demand is not commensurate with supply.

To ensure proper supply and to enable artisans to earn a respectable living from practicing their age-old crafts, the State Government has thought of this hub.


Source: Khabar 365 Din


শঙ্খ, শোলা ও গয়নার বাক্স তৈরীর হাব হবে অশোকনগরে


পশ্চিমবঙ্গের চিরাচরিত হস্তশিল্প ও কুটির শিল্প শুধু দেশ বা রাজ্য না, সারা বিশ্বে জনপ্রিয়। গত ছয় বছরে এই হস্তশিল্পকে দেশ ও বিদেশে তুলে ধরতে তৃণমূল সরকার প্রচুর পদক্ষেপ নিয়েছে। আয়োজন করেছে শিল্প মেলা, তৈরী করেছে হস্তশিল্প হাব, ব্যবস্থা করেছে অনলাইন বিপণনের।

এই উদ্যোগে সাম্প্রতিকতম সংযোজন শঙ্খ ও শোলা দিয়ে তৈরি বিভিন্ন জিনিস ও গয়নার বাক্সর হাব, যা গড়া হবে উত্তর ২৪ পরগনার অশোকনগরে। এই হাবটি হবে ৫ একর জমির ওপর। এই হাবটি তৈরী করছে রাজ্য সরকারের ক্ষুদ্র, কুটির ও মাঝারি শিল্প দপ্তর।

এই হাবের জমি চিহ্নিত হয়েছে ও পুরোদমে কাজ চলছে। আগামী কয়েক মাসের মধ্যে এটির উদ্বোধন হবে।

বিভিন্ন পুজোতে শঙ্খ ও শোলা দিয়ে তৈরি বিভিন্ন জিনিসের চাহিদা থাকে, বিশেষ করে দুর্গা পুজোর সময়। কলকাতা ও পার্শ্ববর্তী অঞ্চলের সমস্ত কুমোর শোলার তৈরি গয়না ও অন্যান্য জিনিস জোগাড় করে থাকেন। অশোকনগর ও পাশাপাশি অঞ্চলে যে গয়নার বাক্স তৈরি হয় তার চাহিদা বিপুল, শুধু রাজ্যে বা দেশে নয়, পশ্চিম এশিয়াতেও।

হস্তশিল্পীদের জীবন স্বচ্ছল করে তোলার লক্ষ্যে রাজ্য সরকারের এই হাব তৈরীর সিদ্ধান্ত।

Idrish Ali speaks during a short duration discussion on sustainable development goals

I am really grateful to our Hon’ble Deputy Speaker Sir. At the same I am deeply grateful to our Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

I have two points. First point is regarding fertilizers. In my constituency, Basirhat in west Bengal, and another area Ashoknagar, farmers are facing a lot of trouble; they are not getting the fertilizers. Our Hon’ble Minister knows that this is the time of harvesting. So, my humble prayer, through you, before the Hon’ble Minister is that fertilizers should be given immediately to farmers in my constituency.

I have another request about central schools. In my constituency, Basirhat, there are seven assemblies. Not a single central school is there. So my humble prayer is that central school be set up in Basirhat parliamentary constituency in West Bengal.

Thank you.


WB CM distributes relief materials at Ashoknagar

The West Bengal Government, headed by Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee has been taking every required measure to provide relief after continuous pounding by torrential rain that started on Friday evening and inundated vast areas of 12 districts, almost all of them in south Bengal, marooning over 18 lakh people.

Excess rain since the beginning of the monsoon season in mid-June had already left these districts facing a flood-like situation. The overnight rain, triggered by a deep depression, has aggravated the situation further.

The West Bengal Chief Minister, who had cut short her London trip to return to her flood-ravaged state, stayed in Nabanna on Sunday to monitor the relief operations from the control room.

She visited the flood affected places in Ashoknagar (North 24 Parganas district) and distributed relief materials at a relief camp in Kajla.

“The Govt is and will provide all the necessary relief to those affected by this natural calamity. This moment of crisis should not be used for political purposes and individual gain,” she said.

“I prefer working at grassroots for people, who have lost everything, than to show up for discussions on TV channels,” CM added.

The Government has so far set up 946 relief camps where 1,19,030 people have already taken shelter. The number is expected to rise manifold as boats have been deployed to bring several lakh marooned people to safer locales.