Rajya Sabha

August 8, 2016

Ahmad Hasan Imran speaks on recent attack in Kokrajhar

Ahmad Hasan Imran speaks on recent attack in Kokrajhar

Sir, I want to ask our Hon’ble Home Minister some questions regarding the massacre in Kokrajhar. I congratulate him for condemning this massacre and I remember that last time when innocent Santhali adivasis were killed, our Home Minister went to the spot, he took strong steps and it was stopped immediately and I personally congratulated him for that.

Incidents like these are happening in the lower Assam region for the last 20-25 years. In 1993-94 also there was a huge massacre, and after that also huge massacres took place; nearly six lakh people fled their homes and have become refugees.

My first question to the Hon’ble Home Minister is which group has done this massacre?

Secondly, from where are these groups getting such sophisticated arms and ammunitions; is there any report? Who is providing them the money to create this type of chaos in our country?

My third question is a suggestion. Since these events are happening at regular intervals, why are we not creating gram raksha vahinis or village defense forces?