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August 1, 2016

West Bengal Govt to take up new IT project to deliver quick services

West Bengal Govt to take up new IT project to deliver quick services

Any service provided by the state government which would compel anybody to fill many forms or rush to various government departments to submit the documents will now happen just with a click.

It will be a unique service, and West Bengal will only be the second such state in India where this facility will be available. The state Information Technology department is gearing up for the project. The people can get services provided by the state government with just a click.

It is basically a window where people can upload their documents and wait for the departments to take action. In most cases, people need to rush to the government departments for getting necessary permissions or certificates. But if anybody uploads their necessary documents in that page, it will automatically go to the concerned departments and the responsible officers would take action promptly.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has mentored the idea of this project. Some of the experts of the Information Technology, who are working on the project, have decided the name of the project ‘e-Bangla’, but this name is yet to get an acknowledgement from state administration.
The work has been initiated. We are thinking about a project on the line of Biswa Bangla. It will be a ground-breaking project, for sure. However, e-District is a mission mode project, which is successfully operated by the government with the objective of taking the services provided by the state government to another level. The state’s services that have been available to the citizens via online system, has already become very popular.
Those services may be available in the internet or by visiting any Common Service Center. But those services are restricted only to some special sector, like e-tendering, trade licenses or status verification.
By this new initiative, the state government will provide most of its services under one umbrella.