Rajya Sabha

August 4, 2016

Ahamed Hassan Imran speaks on the operations of Alliance Air in Kolkata

Ahamed Hassan Imran speaks on the operations of Alliance Air in Kolkata

Sir, a very disturbing trend is being noticed in the operation of Alliance Air in the east and in the north-east of India, which is operating from Kolkata. Alliance Air is gradually but steadily reducing its operation in this part. It has stopped operating from Ranchi, Patna, Durgapur, Bhubaneswar, Dimapur, Imphal and Aizawl. Alliance Air was operating 65 flights per week in this region. Now the number of flights and the number of days have been drastically reduced without adequate reason.

Sir, there is reason for apprehension that Alliance Air will completely withdraw services from April 2017 as no newly-acquired ATR-72 aircraft is placed in Kolkata and the last ATR-42, which is now operating from Kolkata, will have to stop its services within a short time because it will cross its specified lifespan in March 2017. Sir, as we all know, Kolkata is the historic gateway to the eastern region of India. The main engineering and maintenance base for ATR-42 is here. All the infrastructure and other facilities, including hangar and skilled manpower, are available at this base. It is carrying out all major inspection and maintenance schedule, up to four checks. The Kolkata base is fully capable of doing this job for other types of aircraft also, including the new ATR-72s.

But unfortunately the management is purposefully ignoring the base of Kolkata and instead, planning to carry out checks in other cities. After the induction of new ATR-72 aircraft, the engineering base has been shifted from Kolkata to another place. Engineers and technicians are being shifted to other cities. Sir, now only one ATR-42 aircraft based in Kolkata is operating in this region. But it is 22 years old and has to stop its service within eight months, that is, March 2017.

Though Alliance Air has acquired eight modern ATR-72 aircraft, not a single one has been placed in service in this part or stationed at the base of Kolkata. Sir, so my request to the authority is they should place at least two ATR-72 aircraft in Kolkata, revive the old routes and schedules, and should not close down the existing maintenance base in Kolkata.

Thank you, Sir.