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July 31, 2013

Whoever is trying to play political games on Darjeeling will not succeed

Whoever is trying to play political games on Darjeeling will not succeed
“ West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra, Industry Minister Partha Chatterjee, Urban Development Minister Firad Hakim, Youth Affairs Minister Aroop Biswas, and Ministers of various Departments, are all heading for Mumbai, the financial capital of India, for an industrial meet on August 1st. Our approach in the meeting will be to attract investment into the State“, said West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee at a press conference in Writers` Buildings.
Shifting to the resignation issue of Bimal Gurung, Chief Executive Officer of GTA, Ms Banerjee said, “We have accepted the resignation. It is his liberty and democratic right to resign, but we will not break and dissolute the tripartite agreement between the Govt. of India, West Bengal Govt. and GJM. Law will take its course. We love Darjeeling, it is an integral part of West Bengal. We want peace in Darjeeling. We will uphold our commitment and work for the development of the district like we have already started. There has been water projects, road projects, drinking water projects, power plant projects, pipeline projects, helicopter services, universities already in the district. I will take all steps to maintain peace. If required we will take strict steps. I will protect the security of the hill people. Darjeeling`s brothers and sisters are our brothers and sisters, we were united, we are united, and we will be united. It is easy to break but difficult to make. “
She held some Central Ministers responsible for instigating the current situation at the Hills, she said, “ I am sorry to say, some Central Ministers had called the GJM leadership to Delhi and promised them a separate Gorkhaland so as to make it a Union territory. But this is not a child`s play. It is not so easy. Whoever is trying to play political games on Darjeeling will not succeed. Politics should be in its place and Governance has its own place. No one can order all business to stop in the hills, no one can ask the tourists and students to leave the hills. This is not right and this should not happen. I have written a letter to the Prime Minister as the Center must also play a role in protecting the interest of the Hills. “
She expressed immense dissatisfaction at the ongoing turn of events in the country, she said, “ When people bearing responsibilities behave in an irresponsible manner it is most unfortunate for the country. Telengana issue is being raised again after 5 years, when the election is knocking at the door. Why so? Just in expectation of gaining a few seats Congress wants to break `Bharat` in to pieces. This should not be encouraged. It is not possible to give in to such demands. I condemn this attitude, I am shocked, and for political purpose our constitutional obligation should not be jeopardized. “