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July 23, 2013

Bring `paribartan` in the panchayats of Bengal – Mamata Banerjee

Bring `paribartan` in the panchayats of Bengal – Mamata Banerjee
From Jangalmahal to Hills, from Sundarbans to Dooars, from Purulia to Bonga Boarders, the AITMC Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee reached all in the one and a half month of extensive and exhaustive panchayat election campaign that finally came to an end on Tuesday at North Bengal. 
She made only one urge to all, “Bring `paribartan` in the panchayats of Bengal. Bring Maa, Mati, Manush in the panchayats of Bengal. “
“Those fighting for area domination using bombs and guns should know that horrendous times are ahead for them. The law will not spare them. Leaders providing incitement with bombs should remember Bengal has no place for miscreants, “ she told at a panchayat election meeting in Falakata at Jalpaiguri district.
“There was no firing and throwing of bombs in the first three phases of polling and the polls were held peacefully, but the congress and CMP had strong hold in the regions of the fourth phase and hence triggered violence.“ She said at the campaign for the fifth and final phase of the polls.
“Why a Central minister moved around several booths in Murshidabad districts along with Central force jawans? This is purely an undemocratic practice, “ Mamata Banerjee told at a Trinamool Congress rally at Mathabhanga under Cooch Behar district on Monday afternoon.
“Whatever is happening…is the fallout of Congress – CPM understanding and the game for capturing panchayats, “ Ms Banerjee alleged.
“If there was a one-day polling, I would not have allowed this to happen. We did not conduct the elections. The elections were conducted by the State Election Commission. Whatever they said, we have accepted,“ Ms. Banerjee said.
“The hills are smiling and so are the plains of Terrai and Dooars. Today there is no bloodshed for a separate state, people are not apprehensive that the state would be divided, “ Ms Banerjee said during a public rally in Jalpaiguri district.
She made it clear that her government would agree to the India-Bangladesh Teesta water sharing treaty only after getting nod for it from the people of north Bengal and never at the cost of the region drying up. “I will agree if people of Cooch Behar give a green signal. Otherwise I won`t. I will agree to it if people of north Bengal want it. I will not allow it to happen at any cost by drying up north Bengal,“ she said at a panchayat election meeting in Cooch Behar district bordering Bangladesh. “Till I am there I will not allow any atrocity committed or deprivation caused to the people of north Bengal, “ Ms.  Banerjee said.