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November 18, 2014

WBSEDCL to set up Smart Grid facility in Bengal

WBSEDCL to set up Smart Grid facility in Bengal

The West Bengal State Electricity Distribution (WBSEDCL) has taken an innovative scheme to lower the pick period load by setting up Smart Grid.  The company is in the process of implementation of Pilot Project of Smart Meters with AMI facility in Siliguri Town under Smart Grid initiative of Indian Smart Grid Task Force. In the pilot project, the company has opted for monitoring and delivering power through smart grid mechanism.

In the first phase five thousand consumers will avail the service of Smart Meters supporting the process. Such an initiative will mostly help rural farmers, who may have shortage of power for irrigation purpose. Requests will be mad to those who use pumping machinery to switch on their machine during the nighttime, when the power demand is comparatively low.

Smart Grids will ensure power supply to all and also lower power theft. The Pilot Project will see agreements between the company and the consumers. If the consumers strictly follow the rules, their tariff will be lowered.

Incidentally, State government buildings like Nabanna and Writers' Buildings as well as majority of the street lights in the city are fitted with Smart Meters.